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If you need to drill a big hole in concrete, you’re probably looking at a core drill.  Not only do they make nice round holes, but you can reuse the core to fill the hole when you’re done doing whatever you needed to do on the other side of the concrete.  If you’re in a business like mud-jacking where you drill many holes a day, you could do worse than the Manta III Core Drill from MK Diamond.

MK Diamond makes the Manta III line in the USA.  The drill rides on a rack-and-pinion carriage with double-sealed bearings — you don’t want stone or concrete dust in there — and the carriage is mounted on a 2-1/2″ zinc-plated steel column.

So you can watch for overload conditions while drilling, MK Diamond thoughtfully includes an ammeter on the control box.  The base provides anchoring points for both vertical and horizontal drilling.   It’s made from lightweight aluminum and has built-in wheels for easy transport.

The Manta III comes with a few different bases, such as a tilt base, a fixed base, and what we’re guessing to be a vacuum base in both tilt and fixed versions.  You can pay anywhere from $1,750 to $2,500 depending on the retailer and what type of motor and base you want.

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    Now if your really serious about core drilling, buy one of these:


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