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I saw this setup over at a friend’s house:  He has a lamp on his nightstand that’s situated so it’s a pain to turn on or off, but he rigged it with this Good Earth Lighting Kit so at the end of a long day he can dim it or turn it off, just by touching a 2″ touch-sensitive pad.

The kit allows you to dim a 120V incandescent or halogen fixture to three light levels, and it includes the dimmer switch, transformer, and all the necessary hardware. While the instructions are vague with horrible typos, the process is pretty straightforward — trim the cord to the right length, mount the dimmer, and plug the lamp in.  It also looks like you can attach the pad wires to any metal object and use that as the switch instead.

The kit will run you about $15.

Good Earth Lighting [Corporate Site]
Street Pricing [Google]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


4 Responses to Get In Touch With Your Brighter Side

  1. Brian Kelley says:

    Have one of these for the lights above the kitchen sink. Works great, even with wet hands.

  2. Geoff K. says:

    I’ve rigged 2 of these as reading lights over the bed. We’ve got adjustable shelving on either side and an enclosed space beneath the bottom shelf, so I stowed the transformers below the bottom shelf on one side by an outlet. We don’t even use the touch pads, instead I ran copper wire from the control line to the metal bracket nearest both sides of the bed that supports the shelves. The bracket runs the full height of the shelving, so the entire bracket is the switch.

    Galvanic skin response is the trigger and the metal bracket switch works like a charm. Just like those brass-looking touch lamps, the whole metal body of the lamp is the switch. No small ugly touch pad to try to find in the dark, and the bracket is within easy reach while lying in bed reading. Just touch inside the edge of the shelves and the light changes brightness…

  3. A1cntrler says:

    Have had one of these installed for several years now. Wired it into some undercabinet lighting over the “desk” area in the kitchen. I did away with the metal disc that needs to be touched, and replaced it by wiring it into the lower hinge on the cabinets. Now there is a three (or is it four?) step lighting level which works out nice for the wife who keeps here “work” laptop there and works on the telecommute days.

  4. EShine says:

    thanks for sharing this is really helpful for my upcoming project. Hope you add more in future also

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