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Did you ever have a problem with your cooling system that just left you stumped?  Craftsman makes this Cooling System Pressure Tester to help you along.  You replace the radiator cap with the tool, and it brings the cooling system up to operating pressure so you can safely check for leaks with the engine off.  You can also monitor the pressure over time and monitor for pressure drops.

The tool will measure up to 30 pounds of pressure. It comes with four double-ended adapters, giving you a total of eight adapters to cover most makes and models of cars, trucks, and some motorcycles.  An included blow-molded case keeps everything in its place.

This tester will run you $120.

Craftsman Cooling System Pressure Tester [Sears]
Street Pricing [Google]


3 Responses to Craftsman Cooling System Pressure Tester

  1. A1cntrler says:

    Or…. If you have an Advance Auto Parts close by, you can get the loaner tool version for free. We have it in stock at work, but it does not get loaned out too often. I can’t recall the price on it since it doesn’t move much. In fact we have quite an arsenal of loaner tools available. The way it works is that you pay full price for the tool, but get a 100% refund when you return the tool when you are done. If you break it, no biggie. We just order the replacement parts, no charge to you. If you like the tool, it is yours to keep (which is why you pay full price up front). Pretty good deal. With the right tool, a job takes a lot less time and frustration…

  2. Shopmonger says:

    Yeah I agree this tool probably falls under ….rental need only

  3. fritz gorbach says:

    We bou one of these at work, except thePowerbuilt brand, from Advanced auto parts. We had just finished working on a truck that had a questionable radiator, and had another one leaking somewhere, so I said what the heck, and bought it. I think it was about a hundred and forty bucks, but I think it has more adapters than the craftsman set.
    One of the coolest features is three multi size neck adapters, made of rubber, that twist to expand, something like a test plug, making the kit good for any system.
    On the down side, the cap tester adapter, I used from theset doesn’t seem worth anything. Every cap I have tested, including two brand new ones, doesn’t seal to the tester. I think it may be defective.
    I know theAlltrade/Powerbuilt brands are kinda low end, but they do offer a lifetime warranty, and the counter man at Advance told me they do all warranty exchanges right at the store, so you dont have to send anything away.
    I thought the Craftsman set was closer to two hundred at my local Sears store, but I could be wrong. Anyway, the Powerbuilt set has more parts.
    To echo the earlier post, do check out Advance. Some of those project sets look pretty sweet for the money, and they often have good deals on Gearwrench and Irwin/Vise grip tools. Oh, and if you intend to keep the project set, ask them to give you a new one. No reason topay full price for something used.

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