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Whether you don’t want to spend the $100+ for a downdraft table from the store or you want to build a custom downdraft table right into your new bench, Rockler’s new solid-steel downdraft table panels are an easy way to start building your own.

Instead of laying out all the holes and drilling and drilling and drilling, these panels have been pre-drilled with an optimal hole pattern for collecting dust from your sanding project.  Rockler places 16 rubber grommets in every panel to keep workpieces from sliding around on the panels.  Two stops, included with every panel, fit in the other holes to keep the workpiece secure.

Rockler sells a set of two panels for $25, and on their website you can find some plans for building your own downdraft table.

Downdraft Table Panels [Rockler]
Downdraft Table Plans (PDF) [Rockler]


4 Responses to Pre-Made Downdraft Table Panels

  1. Sorry about the error but the panels aren’t solid 13/16″ solid steel. They are actually more like 18 or 16 guage steel with bent edges to give them the stated thickness — which is either 13/16″ or 1/2″ depending on where you look on the webpage.

  2. Everyone can probably ignore the first sentence of my last comment.

    Sorry about the error but the panels aren’t solid 13/16″ solid steel.

    The error in the post was fixed a few minutes after it came out.

    Check out this image to see a side view of the panels:


  3. Shopmonger says:

    I use a box made from scrap ply and mdf and a peg board top, works great …..very little dust, just make sure you use a filter bag and high efficiency filter ………….lots of small particles

  4. Frank Townend says:

    I think they are nice if only for the rubber grommets and modular design. Thanks Benjamen.

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