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A heat gun used to be a luxury item in the shop, but nowadays it’s almost a necessity — you need it for heat-shrinking tubing, stripping paint, thawing pipes, etc.  And while you might get by with the traditional shop heat gun and its two settings, Low and High, for some jobs you’ll want a tool with in-between settings, like Griot’s Variable-Temperature Electronic Heat Gun.

The gun puts out heat in the range from 195°F to 1,200°F.  You change the temperature with plus and minus buttons at the rear of the gun — when the LCD display stops blinking, the gun is at temperature.  It features a comfortable soft rubber grip, and it comes with four different nozzles to help concentrate or diffuse the air flow.

Griot’s Garage sells upper-end garage and vehicle maintenance items, but this heat gun’ll only set you back about $50.

Heat Gun [Griot’s Garage]


3 Responses to Griot’s Electronic Heat Gun

  1. JB says:

    This looks just like my Milwaukee heat gun, and if it s anything like my Milwaukee it is a great heat gun.

  2. blitzcat says:

    Mine looks just like this too but its some other brand. Lot less than $50 too.

  3. Joey says:

    Stuff from Griot’s is overhyped and overpriced, aimed at yuppies. Everything they sell is ‘the best’, or is it?

    Consumer Reports tested some of their car waxes and other products, and they came out in the middle of the pack. Nuff said.

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