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Trimming out a house means moving from your knees to your chop saw and back again all day — then you get to crawl around on your knees some more to set all the nails you drove or that your nail gun missed.  If you use Stanley’s cushion-grip nail set maybe your hand won’t be as sore as your knees.

Besides cushioning your hand, the coating also gives you a non-slip grip on the nail set even in inclement weather.  Stanley makes the 4″-long nail sets from precision-milled steel and hardens them for a longer useful life.  The long beveled tip makes it easier to align the set with the nail head, and the tips are cupped and chamfered so there’ll be fewer misses and slips.

Stanley sells their cushioned nail sets in a three-piece set with a 1/32″, 2/32″, and 3/32″ nail set.  This set of sets will set you back about $10.

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