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Since I’m not lucky enough to have access to a concrete mixer, I used to mix concrete in a wheelbarrow, which was fine — except I’d often end up with some dry mix in there, and using a rake or concrete hoe was tiring, and I’d always get splashed with the stuff.  Then I discovered the CreteSheet.

The CreteSheet is basically a heavy-duty sheet of plastic with reinforced handles.  Just add your mix, add the water, and then you and a partner take turns lifting your end up. You don’t need to lift it much, just enough to fold the lower part of the mix to the top. Do that for about a minute and you’re done.

The handles help you carry the load and will also form a pour spout that’s perfect for fence posts.  When you’re finished just rinse it off with a hose, then either roll it up or hang it from a handle.

The CreteSheet sells for about $20.

CreteSheet [Corporate Site]
Street Pricing [Google]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


8 Responses to CreteSheet

  1. Mike47 says:

    I’ve done this in the back country with a sheet of heavy Visqueen. Lots cheaper, and just as effective.

  2. awesome. But I guarantee that one of my near infinite supply of giant blue $.59 ikea bags that I purchase 4 of ever time I walk in the store will work almost as well. And being a bag, rather than a sheet, can likely be done solo.

  3. Shopmonger says:

    Yeah A lot of money for something you “might” need,,,,, and for small jobs a lot of times you can use a bucket, or just put dry mix in the ground and then add water

  4. _Jon says:

    Yeah, I’d need a single person version.

  5. Steve W. says:

    Jon, if I’ve got that kind of work to do without someone else, I’m just too lazy to do it alone!

  6. Ken says:

    I agree with Shopmonger.Just dump the contents of a bag quickcrete in the hole and addwater and mix. Did four fence posts and still standing,

  7. Jerry says:

    I would think they will not sell many – if any – of these. A neighbor purchased a bucket device that had fins on the inside. You put your mix and the water in it, capped it off and kicked/rolled it around to mix. I achieved equally good results many times using a 5 gallon paint bucket. And the bucket was free once the paint was gone. Any painter can hook you up with all the buckets you want.

  8. Charlie C. says:

    A contractor friend gave me a Cretesheet and with a lot of reservation I used on a small 10 bag project. Worked great praticuliarly with the handles made the mixing easy plus pouring was without a mess.
    I have used the odjob bucket but too much headache and mess, the cretesheet was easy to clean and put in tool box.
    As acontractor I suggest you mix concrete for your corner and gate posts, you can get away with just dumping the concrete in the hole for intermediate posts. I pesonally mix for all posts.
    I suggest the cretesheet for any contractor manually mixing concrete.

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