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Steel City continues to flood us with granite tools, this time in the form of their 40615G jointer, a 317-lb beast that combines the traditional steel bed with a granite fence.  Its 68”-long bed will make jointing those long boards easy work.

The three blades spin up to 5,000 RPM, and the cutting capacity is 6-1/8” with up to a 1/2″ cut, if you’re brave or foolish enough to try it.  The 4″ by 38” granite fence has stops at 90 and 45 degrees inside and out.  The 1-1/2 HP jointer is wired for 115 volts from the factory, but can be rewired to 220 volts.  It comes with a chute/port and all the tools needed to maintain the jointer.

The 40615G sells for about $600.

40615G [Steel City]
Street Pricing [Google]


7 Responses to Steel City 6” Jointer With Granite Fence

  1. fred says:

    This size tool may be OK for a home shop – but I’d spring for at least an 8 inch machine to allow you to face the board.

  2. David H says:

    Granite seems nice until you realize that you can’t use all your magnetic fences, hold-downs, etc.

  3. ben says:

    I was wondering if anybody can give me a price for a set of Groz Engineer’s Precision Squares. It is the set with the 2″ the 4″ and the 6″ squares. Any help?

  4. Ben – I searched for the Groz stuff for a while, ended up with a corporate site in India. Couldn’t find any vendors in the US though – try the contact section there at your own risk, any vendor that doesn’t have it’s own name in the site is questionable to me.



  5. Stan says:

    I got mine from Highland Hardware a few years ago.
    They came in a wooden box. They no longer sell (at least I couldn’t find it) the sets. the prices are:
    2″ 10.00
    4″ 14.00
    6″ 16.00
    I think I paid about $30.00 for the set.
    I also got the 9″ square.
    They are accurate enough for WW and just about anything below rocket ship construction.


  6. kif says:

    I looked at the website and didn’t get a convincing reason why a granite fence is superior. I DID find out that “Steel City” is Murfreesboro, Tennessee, though. Holy crap did I have that wrong my whole life. I bet “Title Town U.S.A.” is not Green Bay, but the town where the DMV is for my county!

  7. Gary says:

    Not sure if it’s because of the price of iron or the gizmocity of granite, but a lot of machines are starting to be offered with granite fences and tables. I think Ryobi even has a table saw with a granite top now. I’ll stick with Meehanite cast iron.

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