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Rod Naylor designed this drill clamp to be part of his Supersharp Sharpening System — it lets you mount your electric drill to your bench and tilt it to any angle in any direction. Besides sharpening you can also use this setup for sanding, buffing, polishing, or anything else that requires you to move the work over a stationary tool.

The drill clamp works with European-style drills with a 1-3/4″ x 7/8″ collar for attaching an extension handle;  if you own a hammer drill it probably has this collar, too — mine do.   The clamp attaches to tables up to 2″ thick.

You’ll shell out about $30 for this drill clamp.

Catalog(pdf) [Rod Naylor]
Drill Clamp [Tools for Working Wood]


9 Responses to Clamp Your Drill To Your Workbench

  1. Coligny says:

    Rod Naylor didn’t design anything as this crap drill holder is available even here in japan since 5 years or more.

    And well…

    It’s kinda crappy…

    Rotation hold somewhat ok, but the angle alway slip with heavier drill… the one that have removable front handle… also the only kind that can be used with this holder… (since the smaller ones dont’ have the flat cylindrical shape in the front allowing them to be installed in this.)

    My only use was with copper brush disks mounted on the drill to clean parts or a polishing felt pad… to… polish stuff… And it was dreadfull, for me and the drill as i had to set her to the lowest speed for long time… and she really didn’t enjoy the ride.

  2. If what Coligny says is true I apologize to the readers and to Rod Naylor.

    Since Tools for Working Wood said this clamp was part of his system and it’s in the PDF catalog found on his webpage, I made the quick assumption that Rod Naylor designed it.

    Do you have any links — even if they’re in Japanese — to this product. I could only find the two I put in the post.

  3. Coligny says:

    Sorry, I don’t have any link. When I bought it It was a bargain bin item.

    Mine is exactly the same, and there is a quick release push button (wrong angle in your photo, can’t see it) for the lock screw. Which make no sense since it’s not exactly something like a bench clamp that you put and remove 20 times a day.
    I will have to check the hardware store next time to see if there is any brand on the packaging, since the item has no inscription of any kind (neither, safety mark, branding or “Made in… somewhere”).

    I see here the usual trend of buying something in china and putting a packaging to justify a pricetag. Elecom computer products are shamelessly famous for this (nearly everything on their catalog come in fact from chinese wholesale company. It’s not that elecom subcontract the building of the device, they just choose what they will re-brand from a list of wholesale companies and have nothing to do with the spec or design of what they sell)

  4. Peter says:

    These have been available in europe for some time. I have a book published in the UK in 1991 about home woodworking that mentions these as a general purpose system for buffing, sanding, etc. It is still made my Wolfcraft, but it’s not sold in north america:


    They also have similar drill-press stands that clamp in the same way, and that I imagine work a lot better than the drill stands available here that clamp around the body (if never a real substitute for a drill press). I’m sure there are many similar asian-made products.

    Europe seems to have a standard (I don’t know how official) of 43mm for drill collars. Some american drills have a similar collar, but most don’t, so this may be why a similar product hasn’t been available here. Or it may be a liability issue. There seem to be more gadgets like this in the european market.

  5. Coligny says:

    So I went to the store. It’s around 900 yens (9usd) sold by takagi (!?) made in china. Still with a fast release button for the screw. I don’t know what happened to mine. and I don’t miss it 1 second…

  6. mr richard says:

    am mr richard i will like to order some of your product and i will like to know the cost of one.i want 30 pieces.
    from mr richard

  7. Art says:

    Sorry to break in, but I am searching for a particular type of clamp that I don’t know even exists. (Someone should invent it.) If this is not the right blog for this, could somebody suggest a better website?

  8. bill janczewski says:

    I would like to know where I can purchase one of these

  9. Nelson says:

    Where can I buy one from or order it from.

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