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Like most table saws’ stock miter gauges, mine isn’t good for much except to play sword-fight with, so I’ve been looking for a replacement miter gauge, a bigger one with better angle accuracy and a higher fence — the EB-3 hits all of those marks.

The guide bar alone is over 20 inches long, and the fence is two and a half inches tall and two feet long with an extension arm that allows it to extend up to 42 inches.  All of this is fully adjustable.  Another selling point for me:  Osborne covers the fence with an abrasive tape that’ll firmly grip your project in place.

The Osborne EB-3 sells for about $100.

EB-3 [Osborne]
Street Pricing [Google]


3 Responses to Osborne EB-3 Miter Gauge

  1. Shopmonger says:

    Paul, the biggest complaint about these is that setting them is harder….
    have you found this to be true? It looks like it has all the great features that oyu would want in a miter gauge…

  2. Shopmonger – I still haven’t ordered mine yet. I will, but I move slow on most purchases. I should have one in the next month or two unless something screams buy me instead or I spend the money on something else. I’ll follow up here either way.

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