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As the snow starts to melt, you notice that the snowplow driver took some liberty guessing where the road ended and your yard began.  Don’t be too hard on him — it’s pretty tough to tell at 2 in the morning.  Next time give him a break and mark your driveway or curb with a lighted solar driveway marker from SunForce.

Super-bright LEDs blink to maximize the run time, allowing the maintenance-free and weather-resistant solar markers to last up to eight hours on one charge.  Each marker fits over a separate ground stake which raises it to a height of 39″.

You’ll pay $20 to $25 for a pack of two solar markers.  SunForce includes the rechargeable battery in the price.

Solar Driveway Marker [SunForce]
Street Pricing [Google]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


6 Responses to Stop The Snowplow From Chewing Up Your Yard

  1. Chris says:

    So instead of chewing up my yard, the snowplow can chew up my yard AND my $25 yard-markers? Sweet. 🙂

    P.S. And my mailbox. The plows got at least four of them in our neighbourhood this year, though thankfully not mine.


  2. slapinem says:

    out here the snow plow guy would use these for target practice, one of my aunt’s had her mailbox knocked out 3 times in one year so i went to the township office and they sent me to the county office where they told me that from the center of the road 30 feet in either direction is county property and any damages done within that distance was not their responsibility to replace.so check with your local city or county office before you go out and put 25$ targets up for the plow guy.

  3. fuzzmanmatt says:

    Wouldn’t have made a difference here, the first snowfall had drifts and plowed piles above my head. If your plow is tearing up your yard, time to switch plow services to somebody who knows what skis are for.

  4. Frank Townend says:

    So true as said about target practice. My problem is that the neighbor across the street parks in front of my house so the plow gets nowhere near my driveway but within inches of his. One might guess correctly my neighbor is an asshole, this is one example.

  5. Coach James says:

    Hi Frank. Why don’t you return the favor and park in front of his house? Maybe he’ll get the mesage or , by mutual agreement, you can each park somewhere else.

  6. jonbradlock says:

    frank, i know what you mean, my asshole neighbor across the street parks infront of his house, but infront of my driveway. which makes backing in or backing out nearly imposible after a snow storm. his car is a beater from the early 90s so im thinking about paying him the value of his car and backing into it whenever i want

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