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Do you find there’s never enough tie-downs or they’re never where you need them when you’re securing a load in your truck bed?  With Liner Locks Cargo Clamps any ridge on your bed-liner can be a tie-down point.

The adjustable serrated jaws of these imported clamps bite into the liner ridges when you tighten the eyebolts just a quarter turn.  Liner Locks claim a single Cargo Clamp can hold in excess of a thousand pounds, but most bed-liners can only withstand about 360lbs of force at a single point.

You’ll pay $20 for four Cargo Clamps and a tightening bar.  The clamps work with most bed-liners on the market.

Cargo Clamps [Liner Locks]
Cargo Clamps [Hartville Tool]


9 Responses to Get A Grip On Your Bed Liner

  1. _Jon says:

    Geeze those teeth have got to tear up a bedliner.
    Hopefully the cargo is worth it.

  2. @_Jon:

    This is what they have to say about that on their FAQ page.

    Will the Liner Locks damage my bed liner when clamped down?

    NO. The liner locks do not damage the bed liners when attached or removed.

    I’m with you — they have to at least leave a mark, especially after 360 pounds of force. Whether they actually damage your bed-liner to the point of leaving holes, I just don’t know.

  3. roger rainey says:

    Don’t seem like they will be very secure either.

  4. Shopmonger says:

    Geeze those teeth have got to tear up a bedliner.
    Hopefully the cargo is worth it.

    Ok you have a bed liner to not tear up your bed…….do you want a liner for your bed liner so you don’t tear it up either………..Trucks are made to be used…………..if you like pretty….by a lexus…..
    If you want useful……get a truck…

    Not to say you cannot keep your truck nice but come on

  5. Old Coot says:

    Don’t think they can have it both ways; those gadgets aren’t gonna hold securely unless tightened a bunch and doing that surely will dig into the liner, perhaps even penetrate it.

  6. Lloyd says:

    Come on guys, it’s not putting that much clamping force on the ridge. Have you ever seen the cross section of a liner? That plastic is thick. If this clamp could puncture your liner I would imagine your ridges would collapse under the weight of a few 4x4s. Damage it? Scratch it? Uh. yeah, that’s pretty much what the liner is for. To absorb any punishment from scrapping toolboxes to a bed full of gravel. Yes by god, I own a truck!! Actually, for what it is designed for (max of 400 lbs upward pull) sounds like a good product. Hell, I’ll try it.

  7. Allen says:

    Spoken like a true Toolmonger

  8. Mike47 says:

    I vote for using ’em on terrorists.

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