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Humping old tires all day can wear a Toolmonger out.  But the Wheelfloat can make tire maintenance jobs easier than ever;  it’ll handle singles or dual tires with a weight of up to 130 pounds.  Too bad it won’t work with those loaded tractor tires — the last time one of mine fell over, I ended up using an engine hoist to upright it.

The Wheelfloat works by taking the lifting out of the job.  Just grab the release lever and step on the foot pedal to lower the tool.  The gas-loaded cylinder under the Wheelfloat stores the compressed energy, and a simple grab of the release lever will raise the wheel up to the height of a balancer, tire machine, or storage shelf.  The multiple wheels make for smooth rolling.

The $600 price tag is definitely better than a busted back, but you’ll have to ask yourself if you do enough tire work to justify it.

Wheelfloat [Corporate Site]
Wheelfloat [Sears]


2 Responses to Float Your Wheels

  1. Shopmonger says:

    a trans lift or a “lift table’ works just as well… and you can use it for more than one item

  2. Brau says:

    While I can see this as a useful product for a specialist, like Shopmonger (above) said, a lift table would be better. And you still have to lift the wheel onto the device. As a person with a bad back, I find simply lowering the car and rolling the tires into place is much easier and doesn’t require any lifting at all.

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