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With the Spectrum 625 X-treme, Miller is rapidly approaching what would’ve been considered science fiction about twelve years ago.  We can forgive the overused “X-treme” moniker because this 40-amp plasma cutter is literally smaller than a shoebox.

Miller has managed to cram the tiny box with enough juice to cut 5/8” or sever 3/4″ mild steel. The 21-lb mighty-mouse measures 9″ x 5-1/2″ x 13-1/4″, and Miller boasts it can get through 12 inches per minute of the aforementioned 5/8″ mild steel.

The automatic air-regulation feature automatically adjusts torch air pressure for optimum cutting and gouging performance — that negates the need for a pressure gauge or manual regulator knob, so you won’t find one anywhere on the unit.

It looks like the unit itself will run around $1,900.  For folks who do a lot of work out in the field or who want to make life at the junkyard easier, we can honestly say the Spectrum 625 X-treme is lustworthy;  but the beginner might want to think twice — then think a third time.  Then go spend $50 on a grinder with a cut-off wheel.

Spectrum 625 X-treme [Miller]


5 Responses to Preview: Miller Spectrum 625 X-treme

  1. fred says:

    Now here is a type of tool we don’t have in our shop – but we do like our Miller welders

  2. BAMFglass says:

    Hypertherm makes Miller/Hobart’s plasma cutters, and they can usually be found for a few hundred less. Unless, that is, you gotta have a blue one to match your Miller welder…

    I’ve owned this baby’s bigger cousin (the now-discontinued 800 series Hypertherm) for about five years, and it’s been one of the best investments in “fire vs. metal”-type tools I’ve made. Consumables can get a bit spendy, and it takes a healthy compressor to keep up, but the cut quality and ease of setup/use can’t be beat.

  3. ambush says:

    Plasma cutting is actually more cost-effective than oxy-acetylene or abrasives, but for casual use the upfront cost does limit most people.(including me)

  4. samf says:

    Correction…Miller plasma cutters are manufactured at Miller Electric in Appleton, WI.

  5. I just bought one of these last week, and got a killer deal at AirGas. This thing rocks.

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