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Filmtools is selling the 8oz. size of Gorilla Wood Glue for $2.84.  Gorilla Glue is great stuff for joining all sorts of materials;  it expands with moisture and grips strongly.

8oz. Gorilla Wood Glue [Filmtools]
Street Pricing [Google]


6 Responses to Dealmonger: 8oz. Gorilla Wood Glue For $2.84

  1. Shopmonger says:

    Nick, there is a big difference between gorilla wood glue and the standard gorilla glue……..

    Gorilla glue is a polyurethane glue….

    gorilla wood glue is like the old elmers/ tite bond glues…… No moisture needed…..

    This will also not bond as many materials as the gorilla glue

  2. Sheldon McGee says:

    Yeah, my thoughts exactly . . . the wood glue doesn’t expand and isn’t at all like the Gorilla Glue that made Gorilla the brand so big. Not sure this glue is any better than Tightbond or any of the others. I do like the Gorilla Super Glue though . . . it’s actually in a container designed for reuse so you don’t have to throw it out after your first use.

  3. Nick Carter says:

    My bad, so they basically trade on their fame for making the polyurethane glue and slap the Gorilla name on any old glue? What’s next, “Duct” brand tape for paper?

  4. Zathrus says:

    Gorilla makes a wide variety of adhesive products now… their original glue (which I’ve given up on — I get one use out of the thing and after that the top is gummed up and/or the glue is cured in the bottle), tape, super glue, wood glue, etc.

    The few times I’ve used the original polyurethane glue it worked well, but getting only one small use out of the bottle just doesn’t make it cost effective for me.

  5. Shopmonger says:

    Yeah actually I recomend the Elmers Poly Glue ….. NANO glue….
    better bottle have used it alteast 20 times and ahve ghad ot over a year and is still easy to use……just as good as Gorilla

  6. Shopmonger says:

    Oh and as for Sean’s vaunted super glue……..

    Use the new dispensers, they are great……. have some that ahve kept ticking ofr 3 months now with multiple uses….

    and the “gel control” is a great idea

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