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When you run the washing machine or dishwasher do the pipes shake or make loud thumping noises?  That’s probably water hammer at work.  Solenoid-driven valves that close abruptly can be the worst offenders;  suddenly stopping the flow of water creates a pressure spike behind the valve which can reverberate throughout the supply pipes in your house.

Most water hammer arresters absorb the reverberations with a pressurized cushion of air.  But that air chamber can become waterlogged over time, so Sioux Chiefs Mini-Resters use a piston sealed with dual O-rings to separate the water from the air chamber.

Sioux Chief sells a wide variety of Mini-Resters for washing machines, tub and shower valves, toilets, ice makers, sinks, and other single-use applications.  Prices range from $10 to $20.

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