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SK is rolling into 2009 with a limited-edition toolbox.  If you’re wondering how different this box is from their regular Commando-Pro line of toolboxes, the answer is –- not very.

This toolbox features sidewall post construction, heavy-duty ball-bearing drawer slides, and upgraded gas struts on the lid that make it easy to lift.  Between the eight-drawer top chest and 11-drawer rolling cabinet below, the toolbox boasts 26,536 cubic inches of total storage.  Most of the difference between this and the standard offering is cosmetic — details like the green trim and sweet-ass SK chrome knuckles decals on the lid and bottom cabinet.

It’s not exactly a show-stopper, but if you’re laying down the cash for a $1,500 – $10,000 tool set in the near future, it might be cool to spend the extra few hundred or so to upgrade the regular commando box to the limited edition.

Limited-Edition Toolbox [SK Hand Tools]
Street Pricing [Google]


3 Responses to SK’s New Limited-Edition Toolbox

  1. duck says:

    Just something to try to get you to part with lots and lots of your hard earned bucks.

  2. russ says:

    Who tagged the toolbox?

  3. Old Donn says:

    The link includes tools as well as the box. Personally, if I’m upgrading to pro tools, it’ll be Snap-on or Mac. SK’s not that much better than Craftsman, especially considering the price difference.

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