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Micro-Tools is selling these parallel-jaw pliers for $24.65.  Most pliers don’t have parallel jaws, which means that as you’re grasping something, it’s always being forced out of the jaws as you tighten your grip (can you say “blood blister”?).  Parallel-jaw pliers keep the jaws, well, parallel at all times.

Parallel-Jaw Pliers [Micro-Tools]
Street Pricing [Google]


10 Responses to Dealmonger: Parallel-Jaw Pliers $25

  1. fred says:

    Thought that toolmongers might like to know that these were once called Bernard Pliers – and were at one point made by Sargent:


  2. I’ve used the Sargent version of these pliers. You could get the jaw parts and machine them to match whatever geometry you needed, i.e.- crimping, holding pins, radius bends. Very handy.

  3. Chris W says:

    I have some like this. They’re OK, but don’t open very far. I like the Knipex parallel jaw pliers

  4. Chris W says:

    I have some like this. They’re OK, but don’t open very far. I like the Knipex parallel smooth jaw pliers better.

  5. Chris W says:

    Sorry for the double!

  6. Rjerryc says:

    Yep! This type of plier is great but I have to say that this particular one looks pretty “cheesy” in that if you have ever had a small hand held paper (hole) punch, you have seen the basic handle part of this. Thoe handles look very cheap – pressed/formed parts.

  7. ChrisH says:

    My Dad had these, he called them level action pliers. They were originally made for stringing tennis rackets. They’re OK, but most pliers are less than ideal. Long ago when I was turning wrenches for a living we called vise grips the great compromiser. Pump pliers and channel locks round out an evil trio of must-have but hate-to-use too often tools. OK in 3, 2, 1 plumbers and electricians sound off 🙂

  8. I’m fairly sure Grandpa used these in some sort of fishing-related capacity. I use ’em for crimping Scotchlok UR connectors, flattening ends of sheet metal, and a dozen other things.

  9. ambush says:

    Yeah I have the Bernard ones. Got them in a box of auction tools. I think dentists use them.

  10. Tool Guru says:

    That is an unbelievable price for these jaw pliers. I have used mine for years and I have never had one problem. Snatch these up before they are all gone, this is an amazing deal!

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