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If you’re looking for some extra length in your hex-head sockets, Craftsman makes their mid-length hex-head sockets about six inches long so they can go where regular hex heads won’t reach, or where a socket extension is just too wide.

The sockets are made of high-strength steel, and the hex heads will work at a 20-degree angle without slipping.  You can get the sockets in a six-piece metric and a six-piece standard set, or you can get the standard and metric in one set.

The standard or metric sets will run you about $50 and the combined set is $70.  In my opinion the price is a bit high, but most Craftsman tools go on sale once or twice a year — that’s when I’ll be grabbing them.

Hex Sockets Metric [Sears]
Hex Sockets Standard [Sears]
Hex Sockets Standard and Metric [Sears]
Street Pricing [Google]


5 Responses to Craftsman Mid-Length Hex-Head Sockets

  1. Kevin says:

    The individual standard and metric sets will be on sale for Craftsman Club Members this coming 2 weeks Feb. 22-March 8.

    Regularly $49.99
    On sale with Craftsman Club Card for $29.99

    That puts the combined for both sets at $10 cheaper then the combo set regularly and there’s a good chance that one will probably be on sale too even though it’s not printed in the flyer.

    Remember, the Craftsman Club is free and you can get some pretty good deals one week (Well, two this time around. We’re trying something different.) each month. Just sign up at http://www.craftsmanclub.com to get your card. You should even get a membership number to copy down when you sign up that the associate can manually enter before you get your cards.

    Kevin T. Pace
    Customer Solutions Expert
    Lawn & Garden Dept.
    Sears Store #1295, St. Petersburg, FL

  2. Chris says:

    Hey Kevin, your link is to a fake advertising site. The correct link for craftsman club is http://www.craftsman.com/craftsmanclub/

  3. Kevin says:

    Oops! Sorry about that. I’m way to used to typing it in on the Sears intranet computers where you don’t have to append the website names. I always forget the regular urls need to have a standard website then the distinctive link.

    Silly inter-webs.

  4. ambush says:

    Wow it even includes the elusive 9mm, thats great. And I’m not even joking, its used on 1 or 2 new fords.

  5. kyle says:

    I think this would be very handy especialy since most hex bolt are too tight to be easilly removed and the extra torque provided by a 3/8 rathchet or a 1/2 rathchet withan adapter could be a big help

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