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A breadboard is an indispensable tool for testing circuits quickly, and since the connections aren’t permanent it’s a good platform for experimentation.  With a breadboard and jumper kit like this one from Elenco, plus a source of power and a few electronic components, you’ll be building circuits in no time.

This kit comes with Elenco’s model 9438 breadboard and their JW-140 jumper wire kit. The 7″ by 9″ breadboard features 2,390 test points — 378 5-point terminals and 10 bus lines with 50 test points apiece.  Along the top are four binding posts, colored black, red, yellow, and green.   The plastic case of jumper wires contains 140 pre-stripped and bent #22 solid wires — 10 pieces each of 14 different lengths.

You’ll pay about $26 bucks for the breadboard, which isn’t a bad price, but watch out for that $10 shipping and handling charge at Amazon.

Breadboard Kit [Elenco]
Street Pricing [Google]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


3 Responses to This Breadboard Doesn’t Belong In The Kitchen

  1. rg says:

    These are a great thing to have for prototyping circuits. DIP ICs will slot directly into the hole spacing. If you need a lifetime supply of jumper wires, find a piece of scrap telephone or network cable with 22 ga. solid wire. You’ll have a variety of colours and a five-foot piece will give you all you could ever need.

  2. Shopmonger says:

    I have nightmares about these things from engineering school…….

    But never the less great for prototyping

  3. Wayne D. says:

    If you use breadboards a lot, here is a good place for ideas to help keep breadboarding a little more sane.

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