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The Kreg Jig Master System is the “fully loaded” version of the Kreg Joinery System, which helps you screw together butt joints. You drill and countersink your screw holes using the jig — then hold the pieces together with the clamping system as you join them with the screws.

The Kreg Jig Master System contains the standard three-hole drill guide, drill bit, and driver that most other systems have. It also includes a dust-collection shroud, a material stop for repetitive tasks, the Kreg clamp, and the benchtop base.

The Kreg Jig Master System sells for about $140.

Kreg Jig Master System [Kreg]
Street Pricing [Google]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


10 Responses to Kreg Master System

  1. Alex Milo says:

    Please tone down the blurry picture. And the pocket sink is great!

  2. fred says:

    Pocket screw joinery certainly speeds things up – and is strong enough for most work. We also sometimes use Senclamps:


  3. fred says:

    BTW – we find that the Senco gun can be toned down a bit by regulating the air pressure at the gun. We also find that it takes some practice and is only good on really hard woods (read no poplar).

  4. Doofus says:

    As a woodworking novice, is the $100 for a Kreg jig and bits well spent?

    I’ve just bought a house so I’ve got a -lot- of 2×4/ply shelving to build for the garage, a new workbench to create (finally, a garage!) etc.

    Hot or not?

  5. Shopmonger says:

    DOOFUS: I have the C-s kreg system (read basic) I actuall love it and for a few dollars went to the hardware stor nand bause a hand clamp. It has done me well for all sorts of home projects and only cost 29.99……

  6. fred says:


    From my standpoint – you would better spend your early tool buying dollars elsewhere. We build lots of face frames and cabinets every week – and pocket screws are a useful productivity enhancement – but you need to get to this level to make them pay off. Maybe a basic starter kit – as Shopmonger suggeste would be useful — if you find you need one.

  7. russ says:

    I have the R3 or Jr. (bought for under $40). Went to HF and bought the same clamp for $6 as the big box sell for $20. You may want to add the short bit which is sold separately to get into tighter spaces. I love it.

  8. Dan says:

    I have had one of these for about 6 months now and find I use it all the time. (just finished a new run of cabinets last weekend) The system performs as promised and once you start using it you will find all kinds of new ways to put it to work. If you watch the sales the kit goes on sale at Rockler about every 3 months.

  9. paganwonder says:

    Doofus, there are many methods for joining wood and each method has its uses. I recommend doing some exploring on-line, magazines, library to get a variety of ideas for your projects. I think this will help you decide where to spend your tool dollars.

    I find pocket screw joinery very handy for SOME applications but is certainly not universally useful. IMHO.

  10. Doofus says:

    Thanks for the tips. I’ll just stick with standard drills and such for now, I only really need to make one garage worth of shelves and a workbench for now. And a reloading bench. And a rack for my lawn tools (my first lawn!). And some chair rails and moulding. So not much. Oh and I just bought a house.

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