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I use these Drive-Loc sets at work for small equipment repair, and I’ve grown to like ’em.  As with other similar drivers, you insert the bit into the handle, but Wiha’s Drive-Loc mechanism allows you to adjust the bit length as well — you get full-length, stubby, and the in-between sizes in one bit.

The Drive-Loc handle looks like any other replaceable-shank driver, but the shank end of the driver locks the dimpled shanks in 1/8” intervals, for a length of 1.7” to 4.8”. The ergonomic, soft-grip handle is easy on the hands as well.

The Drive-Loc handle starts at $9, the bits start at $5, and the sets start at about $40.

Drive-Loc [Wiha]
Drive-Loc Sets [Wiha]
Street Pricing [Google]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


5 Responses to Wiha Drive-Loc

  1. Frank Townend says:

    While I see a value in different shaft lengths, are you able to maintain a length if you need to apply pressure against the screw?

  2. Matt says:

    I got to borrow a set of Wiha torx drivers a bit back. The dimples in the shaft allow the handle to lock on, preventing any slip. Also, the tips of the bits fit nice and snug into the screws. I was really impressed by the quality of the tools, but the price is a bit of a downer (but to be expected).

  3. Eric says:

    Got the Husky version.
    Bought it for home because every time i need something its in the tool trailer
    Use it at least twice a week
    socket and screwdriver
    Back of screwdriver accepts 1/4″ rachet… more power… good for stripping small screws

  4. Brau says:

    Damn! I wish these were available years ago before I bought my long and short screwdriver sets! These could have saved me a bunch of space in my tool pouch.

  5. Frank Townend says:

    Thank you Matt!

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