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Whether you’re crawling into a dark space or working on a project in the shop, you want a small, bright flashlight by your side. I went looking for an inexpensive one and stumbled across the Romisen RC-F4 — this little LED flashlight houses a CREE Q5 LED, which means it packs a punch comparable to its professional competitors.

Weighing in at just over 2.5 ounces, the aluminum RC-F4 doesn’t belong to the beat-down school of flashlights — instead of a light-up nightstick, you get a pocket-sized lighthouse.

Available in gray or black, this little guy will set you back about $20 to $25.

Romisen RC-F4 [Shining Beam]
Street Pricing [Google]


10 Responses to LED Flashlight On A Budget

  1. Leslie Wong says:

    The Romisen RC-F4 was also highly related in the Candlepower Forums review, “Budget High-Performance LED DX/KD Flashlights Review Roundup (Part IV)”

    Google bessiebenny and you’ll find his flashlight reviews with more information than you wanted about flashlights, unless you’re a flashaholic.

  2. BG says:

    I recently purchased the Romisen RC-K4, which is a 3AAA flashlight. Actually I bought it because it takes 3AAA, 2 CR123A or 1 18650 battery and I have wanted to try CR123A cells. So far I have been very impressed with it. It seems quite solid and is very very bright, blindingly so. Many folks don’t like the 3AAA type lights because the feel the battery carrier is a weak point, but I have ton of rechargeable AAAs and I like the size more than 2AA types. Either way, so far so good. At only 17 bucks from DealExtreme with free shipping, it is a great deal. After a few more months of daily use, if it keeps up like this, I’ll buy a few more for gifts.

  3. Andrew says:

    Although I haven’t purchased this flashlight, I highly recommend deal extreme. I buy stuff from them all the time and have never had an issue (with them or US Customs).


  4. Kevin says:

    Although this looks like a nice flashlight it is a Chinese knockoff of the Surefire flashlight.
    I myself am tired of the Chinese stealing our products and JOBS then having the nerve to sell them back to us at 1/2 price.

    Please BUY AMERICAN. Even though our greedy manufacturers went to China with the jobs anyway.

    You can get the Surefire 6P for ~$20 on E-Bay if you are patient.

  5. @Kevin:

    OK I can buy the argument about buying American, even if I don’t agree with it, but buying it on Ebay? How does that help American’s keep jobs?

  6. Kevin says:


    The folks I have bought from on Ebay are Americans and for some this is their job or a supplement to it. I don’t necessarily need to know if they are wholesaling or other but it is still an american product changing hands and the dollars are still here keeping the wheel going.

  7. BG says:

    I agree too about buying American when I can, but the cost for those flashlights is well beyond what I can afford. I know it is a catch-22 situation, I am making less money due to the down turn in the economy so I buy things from off shore, which in turn, keeps our economy down.

    I routinely pay 20-50% more for products that are made in the US gladly. However, those surefire flash lights are a lot more than 50% more than the Romisens, more like 400% – 1000% more. Further, none of them seem to use the 3AAA style I specifically wanted, not that I can tell from how they organize the website. In this case, I can’t feel bad for not buying American, I simply couldn’t afford to buy those and I needed a good super bright flashlight, I wish that were not the case.

  8. Zathrus says:

    When it comes to LED anything, you won’t find any company claiming “Made in the USA” (and Surefire is no exception; they do not list their lights as “Made in the USA” with a couple of exceptions) because it is against Federal law.

    Why? Because 100% of the LEDs themselves are made in China. And for most flashlights the primary cost component are the LEDs, which prevents anyone from claiming “Made in the USA”. The only products that Surefire does claim this on is their batteries, some of their pens, and a few tactical lights where the LED is legally not the primary component.

    They may be able to claim “assembled in the USA”, but I don’t see that ANYWHERE on their website.

    I see a number of retailers claiming that Surefire products are made in the USA, but those retailers are simply incorrect.

    Matter of fact, Surefire recently won a lawsuit against another manufacturer who was claiming (incorrectly) that their flashlights were “Made in the USA”, as well as infringing on some of Surefire’s patents.

  9. ambush says:

    Target is a great place to find budget LED flashlights.

  10. Rob says:

    Yeah, but can you give someone a beatdown with it? Beatdown-ability is high on my list of flashlight features. LOL!

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