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You’ll probably never find a better deal on pliers than this $12 pack from Harbor Freight — it includes diagonal cutters, needle nose, lineman’s, slip joint, and groove joint pliers.  That’s a bunch of gripping capability for a small payout.

These pliers may not last long enough for you to hand ’em down to your kids, but they do boast a couple of qualities that’ll help you right now:  affordability and simple functionality.  If you happen to need ’em you don’t have to worry about being gentle either;  just do what’s required and replace ’em as necessary.

It boils down to about $2 per tool here. If you think you might find a use for ’em, throw a set in the toolbox.

6-Piece Heavy-Duty Pliers Set [Harbor Freight]


4 Responses to Cheap-Ass Tools: 6-Piece Heavy-Duty Pliers Set

  1. Dale C. says:

    I’ve also got a set of these from Harbor Freight and the quality is good. I was especially impressed by the lineman’s pliers.

    I don’t know what the difference is in the orange and black handles, but the orange work well.

  2. Rob says:

    I have had an orange handled set for at least two years now. The machining is excellent, the joints are tight and the cutting edges are sharp. However, I’ve had some of the plastic covers on the handles slip and the metal seems to acquire a light coating of rust faster than similar, but more expensive, tools that I own. Bottom line though, they are excellent for the money.

  3. Scuba Steve says:

    In general, I have found that HF slip joint pliers suck. Fixed joints however aren’t that bad. As with other users, my experience extends only to orange handled models.

  4. Michael says:

    We just got a store in our town. I have had to order from the catalog for years. Nice to be able to visit the store too now.
    I have found that with Harbor Freight some stuff is not quite the bargain you would hope because of quality, not price. A lot of their stuff though is just as good as what you would spend double or more on—this product is one of them. I have bought umpteen sets of these over the years and they hold up great. Now if I could just keep them from disappearing!

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