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Although Wixey claims their new remote digital readout is ideal for router lifts, we can think of about a dozen other uses for it, such as mounting one to the table saw to measure blade height — Wixey already has a product for the fence — or getting a couple for the X-Y table.

The remote display connects to the measuring unit with a three-foot cord, and you can disconnect and reconnect it easily for installation.  The measuring unit travels 4.9″, has a resolution of .001″, 1/32″, or 0.05mm, and is accurate to ±.001″, ±1/500″, or ±.05mm depending on the mode.  You can also zero the measurement for relative measurements.  The unit will shut off by itself or by an on/off switch.

To install the kit you need to drill two small holes in your machine with the included drill bit.  All the hardware required to mount the kit on your router lift is included.  If you’re mounting it to another machine you may need additional hardware. The readout requires a coin-type CR2032 battery which is included.

Expect to pay about $80 for the Wixey Remote Digital Readout.

Remote Digital Readout [Wixey]
Remote Digital Readout [Hartville Tool]

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