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You may have noticed that Toolmonger is missing yesterday’s posts and comments. Sadly this is due to the fact that we experienced an almost other-worldly server outage — what’s known in the biz as a RAID dual simultaneous drive failure.

While our awesome hosting service responded heroically spending almost 30 hours picking through the pieces and cannibalizing other hardware to bring Toolmonger back up and restore as much as possible, we did end up losing most of yesterday’s work. Those of you trying to visit Toolmonger during the overnight or early morning hours today may also have experienced outages.

First of all, though there’s really little we could do about this, we’re sorry for the inconvenience. Second, we can’t help but ask: Do any of you Toolmonger packrats have RSS feed or cached copies of the missing posts? If so, drop me a line at ccage@toolmonger.com. We’d love to restore the missing day for posterity.

Update: Thanks to Chris for pointing us to an available online cache! Look for the missing articles (though sadly not the comments) to return shortly.


5 Responses to TM Outage — Doh!

  1. DJFelix says:

    I use Google Reader, and have every post from Toolmonger going back quite a while. If you end up needing something you can’t find in cache, let me know.

  2. Bart's Dad says:

    My guess is the is that it auto refreshed itself to death.

  3. Toolaremia says:

    I’m glad Toolmonger is back!!

    +1 to Bart’s Dad for best comment of the year.

  4. Dr Bob says:

    It’s not a good day when your 5 TB e-mail server loses two drives in the same RAiD5 set at the same time. 20 hour restore from the latest backup. Fortunately, we had redundant servers.

  5. Zathrus says:

    Really, double drive failures in a RAID aren’t all that uncommon. There were a couple of papers presented two years ago discussing this; one from Google (who have a bit of storage) and an academic paper that surveyed 100k drives.


    Glad you were able to bring it back from the dead though!

    Shame the auto-refresh came back too.

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