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Spiders have eight legs, right?  It’s strange then that Boxer Tools named their six-legged bungee cord after a spider.  Why not name it after an insect, like an ant?  Ants are mighty strong for their size.

Slightly more expensive and versatile than a single bungee cord, yet less expensive than a cargo net, the Spider bungee cord lies somewhere in between.  This bungee lets you anchor your cargo at six different points, making it useful for tying down larger or odd-shaped objects.

Six 18″ arms connect to a ring to form the Spider.  Each arm has a 8mm premium-grade rubber core that stretches to 150% of its unstressed length.  An abrasion-resistant nylon jacket protects the core.  Boxer makes the hooks of heavy-duty spring steel and coats them with PVC.

You can pick up a Spider bungee cord for about $4.

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