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If you hate caulking as much as I do, check out the Prazi Drill Mate. Hook it up to your 3/8″ corded or cordless drill and it’ll dump a tube of adhesive in about fifteen seconds on high speed, or you can ease off the trigger and dispense the adhesive as slow as you want.  If you want to stop in a hurry, just pull the quick-release switch to instantly release the pressure on the tube.

It’s available in ten and thirty-ounce models to handle the two main sizes of tubes;  the ten-ounce Drill Mate sells for about $75 and the 30-ounce Drill Mate for about $85.

Drill Mate [Prazi]
Street Pricing [Google]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


2 Responses to Prazi Drill Mate Caulk Gun

  1. fred says:

    Back in April 2008 I commented that we had bought a number of pneumatic (Caulkmaster PG100) caulking guns.The gun itself is very light – but it tethers you to the hose. This is OK when working from staging. Off of a ladder some of my troops will not take one up and prefer the old open-fame manual guns.
    We just bought an Albion cordless unit to try out.
    We use other Albion products with good result – but the verdict isn’t in yet on this one. Some of my guys like it – but others complain that it’s too heavy compared to the manual gun.
    I did not mention before that most of our caulking and Epoxy guns are Newborn Brothers. They make a number of high thrust guns that help with squeeze-out. We also use their bulk load and sausage load guns.
    After we had the Albion for some time, we also bought a Milwaukee 14.4 volt 6562-21. The nice thing about the Milwaukee is that the cartridge assemblies are interchangeable and can be purchase separately. So if you have a need, you can purchase replacement 10 oz small carriage assembly (48-08-1075) and plunger rod (49-52-0600) that comes with the 6562-21. You can also purchase a 10 oz sausage style carriage (48-08-1085) that works with the same plunger – and/or a 1-Quart carriage (48-08-1080) and its plunger rod (49-52-0650) – and/or a 20 oz sausage carriage (48-08-1090) and its plunger rod (49-52-0660). So in effect, 1 gun can handle 4 styles of caulking loads. All of this being said, we find the cordless guns a bit heavy and really only use them on high volume work.

  2. Fabian says:

    This unit got a bad review in Amazon. Seems unbalanced, clunky and has issues with quick reversal to stop caulking flow, even though there is a quick-stop lever on the thing.

    I, instead, bought the B&D CG100 10oz which uses AA batteries and it works fine for small to medium jobs. and it only cost me 30 bucks at lowes. I wish B&D made a 30oz unit, those 30oz tubes are such a better value for the dollar.

    2 cents,

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