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Richpower Industries recently introduced their Maglithion PowerSmith cordless tool system which sells in second-tier big box stores like Bi-Mart, Northern, Fleet Farm, Rural King, and Zellers.  The system uses a single universal lithium-ion 12V battery for the entire platform — somewhat like Ryobi’s One+ or Black & Decker’s VPX.  Richpower claims their lithium-ion batteries last twice as long as NiCads and hold their charge for a year.

Right now they sell a drill/driver, impact driver, handsaw, portable fan, circular saw, rotary tool, screwdriver, flashlight, and vacuum.  They claim to be coming out with a sander, ratchet, inflator, jigsaw, grinder, and nailer next.

Pricing is about $40 for a battery and charger, $25 to $30 for the workhorse tools, and $10 to $17 for vacuums and other accessories.  They also offer value-priced combo kits.

Has anybody tried these new cordless tools?  Let us know what you think of them in the comments.

Maglithion [Corporate Site]
Street Pricing [Google]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]

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27 Responses to A New Kid In Town: Maglithion Power Tools

  1. shaun says:

    looks suspiciously like the Bosch lithium battery series.

  2. aasfdsadf says:

    looks cool, but I can’t justify ANOTHER proprietary tool format after loading up on both dewalt and ryobi cordless tools.

    It would be nice to have a standardized battery between manufacturers, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

  3. Joe says:

    @ aasfdsadf: Unfortunately, it probably never will happen. That’s the way they get us hooked. Once we’ve bought a tool, the appeal of interchangeable batteries and chargers is very strong, unless another brand shows a big performance difference, which is rare.

    At least in some cases you can buy new tools sans battery and charger.

  4. Brad Justinen says:

    destined to fail like Black & Decker’s VPX

  5. Dan says:

    …suspiciously like Bosch OR Milwaukee, Makita, Craftsman, Masterforce…etc.

    Somebody please make a universal!

  6. Fabian says:

    I wonder if these guys also used the A123 batteries sicne they also claim about the long-charge-holding life?

    Too bad the VPX units failed. At least I got a bag of new VPX batteries at Walmart for 3 bucks each. Even at such a good price, they are still a let down when you realize that the VPX charger takes so many hours to charge the little batteries.


  7. What killed VPX for me was the lack of an impact driver. And yes, I was double-disappointed when I found out they have A123 inside, but slow-charge them anyway. What’s the point?

    These might not be around in a few years but they look pretty sweet while they last.

  8. Yeah a universal battery system that works with every manufacturer would be awesome and think about how much waste that would save in our landfills as well.

  9. Dmann says:

    These tools do not have the A123 battery. The impact driver that is offered has more power and BPM than dewalt. With a two year warranty and prices this is an awesome offer. I also have heard they are coming out with 12 additional tools later this year. This company might be the one that finally gets the 12v lithium ion tools to what everyone has been waiting for.

  10. phantom says:

    This is a good system for the typical home owner. These batteries hold a charge a long time. I got 2 drills at $15 ea, a driver, a vac and a dremil like tool. Something low prive to start on.

  11. Rob, Indy says:

    I bought some tools at Menards and the brand name was Work Site. I bought the impact driver and the drill. I then found the Power Smith brand on Amazon and Northern Tool and they look exactely the same as the Work Site brand. I bought the Power Smith flash light and they are the same tool just a different name. I’ve ordered the hand vac and I would like to get my hands on the inflator. The tools work, and they’re really light compared to my 18volt Back and Decker system. My son is four and can’t hold the Black and Decker 18 volt, but he does great with the Work Site/Power Smith Drill. The tools are powerful enough and they’re fairly inexpensive. The system was great to put up Christmas lights etc… I wouldn’t drill through brick, but they definitely fit a nitch.

  12. john says:

    I bought the drill, circle saw, impact and extra battery’s on clearance at Menards. After using these products, it became very clear why they are on clearance. VERY UNDER POWERED.
    The drill WILL NOT drive a 3″ wood screw into pine, Don’t try to cut anything over an inch in thickness with the saw, Just is not enough power to do it.
    The impact driver is the only thing I will say does an adequate job.
    Save your money and buy the good stuff.

  13. Darin says:

    I got a combo saw/light/drill/sawzall as a gift. I ran the sawzall for a couple minutes straight. It did ok, but now my battery is indicating bad after only a couple uses. A free gift goes to the shelf as I am not going to spend $30 for a replacement battery only to have it go bad again. Stick with the trusted.

  14. Leroy says:

    If you don’t already have a gazillion power tools and are looking for **Light Duty** general homeowner grade tools at a decent price, these will work just fine. I’ve got the set and have had no problems with any of them.

    If you buy these thinking you can use them to build a new house/shop/garage, etc., you need to re-think your plans and buy something heavier-duty.

  15. temugen says:

    These are small, relatively lightweight and do the job somewhere between 90 and 100% of the time. Why carry around a sledge hammer when a 12 oz hammer is all that’s needed. How many 3″ screws and boards over 1″ are most people gong to drive and cut? And it’s not that the saw can’t get through some 2x4s. It just takes a while. If you’re trying to build a house or make your living as a carpenter, get something heavy duty—like Milwaukee. But for the average homeowner, why spend the money, take up the space, and lug around all that extra hardware?

  16. rodent beaten m says:

    I bought the screw driver tool thinking it was ready to go and what a deal 999! but now I need battery. Does anyone know where I can buy and how much (appx) but have a feeling the batt is more than the drill—ugh

    Thanks for help


  17. Jon says:

    I purchased the drill, circular saw and the sawsall at Menards. They are light duty, but work. Menards if phasing them out. Had to hunt around to find a second battery at another Menards. The tools were on sale for $10 – $15. The circular saw will not cut anything thicker than 3/4 “. The battery doesn’t last long when sawing. I was trimming 3/4” cedar siding and it would work for about 10 minutes. Then I would have to change batteries and put the other battery on charge.

    For the price of a LI-ION tool, they aren’t bad.

  18. Ray Fish says:

    did all the drillin’- installin’ cabinets in the cabin of ODay sailboat…the drill… POWERSMITH, worked effortlessly for this project, drillin’ into fibreglass, tough teakwood…it feels great, in my hand and gets into places my DeWalt, wouldn’t fit..my praise for this 3/8″ drill is…5 star…like it so much…bought another kit at BENNYS….$29.95___a retired toolmaker & sailor—-Ray Fish

  19. J WILD says:

    The circular saw is perfect for light paneling. This machine isn’t meant for commercial grade applications. I actually burned out the first one by using it on heavy materials, my fault. I bought another one because it made work with light materials so easy. I would recomend this tool to any one, as long as they realize that it has its own place. Nice toy!!!!

  20. Tony says:

    I am a tradesman and my wife bought me the flashlight and the drill for Christmas. Since then I have added extra batteries and purchased almost every one of the tools. I don’t have the 4″ circular saw or the vacuum. Everything else is rock solid and I absolutely love the versatility. They charge in no time and run like nobody could dream. I run a service truck and these tools are so light and functional that I rarely ever get my corded tools out. I have dropped them countless times but they keep on working. I get all kinds of comments about them and I am more than happy to tell people how I feel about them. The impact driver is excellent. These are better than household grade but not industrial by any stretch.However if you use them with intelligence, they will do most jobs. Anything bigger and you should use corded equipment.

  21. E. Reisa says:

    I love my Powersmith tools. Dewalt & such have a great reputation, but way above my budget. I bought the big kit first, when my 2 drill drivers, B&D and some other brand I forget, were losing recharge capacity(a 14V & 18V). The 12V Powersmith kit did everything, and performed at least as well as my old 18V. I made perfect cuts on 2x4s with the circular saw, though the saw was small enough to require a cut top & bottom. The cuts lined up straight top & bottom and the end looked seamless. I was so impressed I went out and bought a drill/driver kit to get a spare driver so I could make pilot holes & drive screws without stopping to change bits. This gave me 4 batteries so I could just grab another tool any time it was needed. Also I could keep a charger at the worksite and another at home. My husband borrows my driver when working under his model train layout because he loves the worklight on it. I’ve used them for about 5 years, and sold my old ones at a garage sale as they were just too much trouble and the plastic cases were breaking down.

    The charges last a long time and do a lot of work. The recharge is very quick, just a couple of hours.

    The only problems were: a) the charger’s sensitivity to heat. It won’t charge if the battery is too hot, but charged easily inside in the summer; b)some screws would snap off if the wood was too hard or well-seasoned. I bought the kits at Sutherlands, and none of their screws broke off, so that’s where I shop.

  22. Faith Fasten says:

    I bought a tool set from menards adout 4years ago and can not find parts for them.The tools are Worksite maglithion it is a set of 4 tools drill saw flash light and I bout it for me at use on the house works very good for a woman as they are small and fit just right in my hand. Can anyone help me find part? ??????

  23. Tracy Burgess says:

    I bought the kit that included, drill, circular saw, drumal, saws all, flash lite, 2 batteries, charger & cloth carrying case. I bought them when I left my ex husband (in Sep 2009) the set was on sale for $99 at Manards, which was an excellent price for what you get. & yet are the perfect size for a woman to use even with RA. I wouldn’t trade any of them. And the batteries do last along time if your not doing a Hugh project. In the flash lite which vet more use the last few years & I’ve charged the battery one time in two+ yrs. My mom absolutely loves themes over her B&D set cuz they fit in her hand better & aren’t heavy. Regards doesn’t carry them any more & one of my batteries we not charge anymore. I was wondering if there is anyplace else that sales them or do I need to order from the web? I live in Benton Harbor MI. I don’t have a problem driving up to 50 miles to get extra batteries & get the other items they have 2 complete the set.

  24. Paul McBrier says:

    Bought a multiset 2 years ago and 1 basic drill set 18 months ago. Currently down to 1 working battery, 1 drill and the multiset. Only been used at home. Are the v12 volt batteries still available? I purchased them at menards who dropped them like a hot rock in just a few months….


    years ago my wife bought a smith powwer cordless drill as a gift.
    the best one i ever had. now the batteries are done and I can not get repalements, did some modification with other units, but very limited. i need new batteries. the drill is handy, powerfull lightweight and does a fantastic job.
    i cannot understand that the company disconitued the product
    does anybody knoe where I can get replacement batteries?
    cayman islands

  26. Diane D says:

    Good Luck, I’ve been looking for a battery for mine and there isn’t one that fits. This unit I’ve had for years and its brand new but the battery is shot. Does anyone knows a battery that fits the unit?

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