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Tired of collecting old wax sticks to repair furniture scratches?  FastCap’s SoftWax kit contains twenty wax colors, as well as a furniture-safe WaxWedge and a buffing pad, all in a hard case.  You can apply the waxes straight-up or mix ’em to get the perfect color.

The SoftWax kit starts at about $25, and you can get refills for $2 per color or $20 for the whole set.

Softwax [FastCap]
Street Pricing [Google]
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4 Responses to SoftWax

  1. From the picture, I thought this was a portable spice rack. Would be useful for chili cookoffs.

  2. woodtl9 says:

    I have been using this kit for a while. I find it very workable and melts easily to combine colors. for $25 this is a bargain for the amount of time you save. It looks like your getting a full round piece just know they are half round.

  3. Robert Campbell says:

    I’ve tried the product, and was disappointed, it that it does not take finish over the touchup area. The was residue causes lacquer to bead and not dry properly. Using it as a filler for nail holes in cabinet grade units may be ok, but it’s not a good product for filling minor problems on furniture grade pieces.

  4. Michael W. says:

    I’m sorry that you were misinformed Robert, wax sticks are designed for quick repair of scratches and are never meant for anything that will be finished afterwards. They’re not really designed even to be used for nail holes, although you can use them for that.

    No wax product is designed for that application.

    You need to buy a filler that can either be color mixed before application, or a stainable filler, that’s designed to be finished.

    Wax of any kind should never be applied under varnish, polyurethane, etc.

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