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This multiple-profile bit from Infinity Tools allows you to reproduce dozens of classical profiles with a single bit, saving you money and drawer space — but it comes at a price.  Instead of making a single pass with a single-profile bit, you might have to make multiple passes at different cutter heights and fence positions.

If you run hundreds of feet of a single profile, this probably isn’t the bit for you — but if you’re a DIY’er or small shop that runs a few feet of many different profiles now and again, it may be worth the extra time and setup.

The cutter of this particular bit measures 2-13/16″ in diameter at its widest, 1-1/7″ tall, and is mounted on a 1/2″ shank.  Infinity makes the cutters from micro-grain carbide, which can be resharpened many times, and the body from fatigue-proof steel coated with silver PTFE to keep wood resin from sticking to it.

The bit will normally run you $70, but evidently Infinity Tools is overstocked and you can get it for $50 plus $8 shipping and handling directly from their website.

Multiple-Profile Bits [Infinity Tools]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]

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2 Responses to Multiple-Profile Router Bit

  1. Tom Walz says:

    Sharpening a router bit this complex changes the shape of the cut (profile) made just a bit. You don’t want to sharpen it in the middle of a job.

    Almost invariably you will only use part of this bit. When that part wears out you can use the remaining parts but this is sort of like buying a set of screwdrivers. Typically you use some a great deal more than others.

    For about the same the cost you can get a custom ground router bit that will be much easier to use.

  2. malcolm ross says:

    multiple profile bit possible use picture frames

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