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Traditionally cordless lawn tools have been relegated to second-line duty or smaller jobs, but in the last few years Black & Decker has been trying to change that.  They’ve made a good start with their hefty 36-volt cordless string trimmer, which has more grunt behind it than many battery-powered grass-tamers we’ve seen.

Not being big on the lawn arts ourselves, we can’t say for sure how this plays in real life, but we’re guessing it’s a game of how long the charge can hold out against the fullest, hardiest growth that summer can produce.

In our experience, even gas-powered trimmers can bind on the tough weeds and high grass. A battery-powered unit may be better as far as emissions go, but if it can’t cut through the nasty bits it’s less than useless.

Of course, we could be full of bull. Has anyone actually gotten their hands on one of these trimmers and given it the business? Let us know in comments.

36V String Trimmer [Black & Decker]
Street Pricing [Google]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


16 Responses to Hot or Not? Black & Decker 36V String Trimmer

  1. SirFatty says:

    Hot… i have always used electric (CO2 for one, and 2 strokes are a pain). The only downside is the extension cord. I bought a cordless and never looked back.

  2. Jereme says:

    I am not a big fan on black and decker products so this one is more than likely a dud as well

  3. Dan says:

    I have an 18v version of this thing. I have a pretty small yard but still hated messing with a cord. It takes me 5 minutes or so of trimming to do all the bits that the mover could not get. It handles that with flying colors.

    I suspect I am a perfect user for it though. If you have a bigger yard or are some type of lawn professional, then I suspect you wouldn’t like it. For me, works great and I would suspect the 36v would be even better.

  4. MattC says:

    I have the earlier 14V version of the Black and Decker model. It trims my 1/4 acre yard with no problems. I have an extra battery and have been able to 1/2 acre with no problems. It always starts, relatively quiet, and has a self feeding line. The downside is that sometimes I help trim around the neighborhood pool (usually at the beginning of the season) and long overgrowth is too much of a burden for a light duty trimmer. B & D’s 36V might just solve that.

  5. Brau says:

    Not! Using a corded trimmer takes 2.5 hours to do my yard whereas a gas trimmer does it in 20 minutes flat. In short, corded electric trimmers suck for power and battery powered ones will obviously suck more, unless your “yard” is 10 feet square.

  6. Toolaremia says:

    Not. Any excuse to buy something with an engine on it makes this a non-starter. 😉

    Just too bad nobody makes a Wankel-powered trimmer anymore… 🙁

  7. Fabian says:

    These battery powered trimmers just can’t get the prices, battery life, and durability up enough compared to the gas powered units.

    These are just a bad option, with bad reviews all over amazon for just about any battery powered trimmer.

    Get a gas powered unit and save a ton of cash.


  8. Took the Plunge says:

    I bought this the other day thinking it’s time I started getting away from products that depend on petroleum. Since it is fairly new and I couldln’t find a review or rating from Cons Repts, I knew I’d be taking a chance. Then I went to the store and found it has a 30-day money-back guarantee, and the price had been lowered to $150. So I figured, what the heck, I’ll give it a try. The unit is very comfortable to handle, with no cords to pull, and no messing with gas and oil mixing. The battery took about 16 hours to fully charge the first time (about 8 hours after that), and lasted about 25 minutes. I don’t have a lot of heavy trimming to do, but there was plenty of power if I needed it. The only drawback right now is that apparently the batteries are not yet offered for sale by themselves. If I could get a second one (the included charger will charge two at once) I could finish my 1/3 acre yard in one day. It uses .08 line, so it’s not for heavy brush, but I was impressed that it had more than enough power for my suburban lawn needs.

  9. Danal says:

    Interesting comments from people who DON’T have one.

    I DO have one. And a 2 acre yard. Plenty of beds to trim. Lots of rain lately, plenty of growth. A real challenge.

    This thing works. And works well. Cuts better than my gas trimmer. First battery charge was overnight, not sure how long. Cut everything tonight. Other than being a bit short for me (I’m 6 foot 6 and MOST tools are short), I have absolutely no complaints.

    Now, we’ll see how it holds up to repeated use.

  10. Loboc says:

    This is a review of my actual experience with the 36v B&D trimmer, not speculation. My yard is 100×170 (.39 acres) with a lot of trees and beds. It generally takes me 45 minutes to an hour to trim and cut.

    Recent price reduction to $149 convinced me to try one. I have a B&D electric, but, my yard is to big to drag a cord around. I also have had 2-cycle gas (one el-cheapo and one $180 Echo). Both were a pain to keep tuned and running. They both died and are gone. I still have the electric.

    I read about the ‘auto feed’ ones using a lot of line. This one is dual .80 bump feed. No special line needed. You can rewind using bulk. I only had it one week, so, I haven’t used that much line yet.

    Thing I don’t like is that the battery pack is Ni-Cad (not nickel-metal or lithium). Ni-Cads have that problem with memory and generally take longer to charge. Although my 12v 10-year-old Makita drill is still running strong. We shall see how the battery holds up. Charger has DeWalt-like LEDs to show you what’s happening. Has spot for two batteries, but, box only had one. Battery pack is fairly large compared to lithium.

    Cuts just like a gas trimmer with less (like no, only line) noise, no gas fumes, no start cord, and no vibration. Get enough out of the charge to do what I want to do. Lasts about as long as a tank full, but, takes a day to recharge. Way easier than dragging 100ft + 50ft cord around also. More power than the electric.

    I am thinking that since it is so easy to use, I can get out there more often and keep things neater than doing trimming a couple times a month. Plus, I keep it in the garage, not the shed. It’s way easier to get out and get going than either gas or corded electric.

  11. Steve says:

    I have been using the 36v model all season, and have to say I completely agree with Loboc. Even though I have quite a large property to trim ( > 1 acre) and the battery requires a few charges, I would not change.

    I also have a Ryobi Gas Powered trimmer I would give away just because of noise, difficulty starting, and how the vibration from it tires my arms.

    Even with the “shortcomings” I much prefer it and it’s performance to my gas trimmer and will continue to prefer it. I do wish the extra batteries were cheaper though.

  12. Caleb says:

    I’ve had the B&D 36V trimmer for about a year, and I concur with Steve, Loboc, and Danal… I’ve used a variety of gas and electric trimmers in the past, and this trimmer is a significant improvement.

    If you have a large property, you’ll probably want to shell out for a second battery, but one battery gets my front and back yards done with juice to spare.

    This trimmer is very comfortable to use. The battery sits near the top and nicely balances the hefty cutting head. It comes with an adjustable shoulder strap that you wear across your body to transfer most of the unit’s weight to your opposite shoulder, so you don’t have to support it with your hands. The shaft’s length is adjustable, so it works well for moderately tall people and also for shorter folks. And, of course, the second handle is also adjustable.

    There’s plenty of power. I regularly use this trimmer for edging and for removing the zoyza from sidewalk cracks, and the trimmer doesn’t bog down.

  13. Ron Thomas says:

    I have one of these as well. Agree the battery is big and heavy and takes a while to charge, but what a wonderful power unit. The rest of the trimmer weighs almost nothing. I’ve been very impressed with how long it will go and what it will go thru. I will never use a gas powered trimmer again. Will likely buy a second battery, but don’t really need it.

  14. jordash says:

    The power is amazing. The battery as one poster mentioned is the only weight.
    What if it had been Li-on. Not all that simple. I saw where B&D & Dewalt had Battery copyright, & patent law suit problems! My CON is the string breakage!
    Breaks a lot! Depends on what you’re doing! It has trenching power. And trimming sidewalks & driveways like a carpet power! So I do a lot of that, because like an earlier poster said, you’re inclined to get it out and use more.
    Because it’s so easy to use. Easier even than my Craftsman, Lehr propane trimmer.
    But the line breaks more often! Even when not trenching.
    I might try a bigger line! It may not fit the line hole! Maybe enlarge the hole!
    Substituting this kind of line head I believe would be difficult.

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