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Dynamite Tool Co. is offering a great deal on this Estwing 14″ Sportsman’s Axe at $19.15.  While they call it an axe, it’s a hatchet in my book. Over the years I’ve split a lot of kindling with this tool, and I’ve taken it along on a lot of camping trips.  As with their hammers, Estwing makes the head and handle of one piece, so it’s rugged enough to withstand the abuse and neglect of a tool left in the woodshed.

Estwing 14″ Sportsman’s Axe [Dynamite Tool Co.]
Street Pricing [Google]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


5 Responses to Dealmonger: Estwing 14″ Sportsman’s Axe $19

  1. Uncle Buck says:

    “I like to keep mine razor sharp. Sharp enough you can shave with it. Why I’ve been known to circumcise a gnat. You’re not a gnat are you, Bug? Wait a minute: bug, gnat. Is there a little similarity? Whoa, I think there is!”

  2. BigEdJr says:

    Classic. I love that movie.

  3. Spork says:

    They are not honoring this deal, I ordered it yesterday, and they emailed me telling me that “We are very sorry, but due to a pricing discrepency in the website, we need to correct the price on the item you ordered. It should be $29.15. We can issue a request for funds on PAYPAL for the difference if you like. ”

    So, basically they put a cheap price on it to get people to buy the hatchet, and then tell them that they’ll have to pay an extra $10 to actually get it. Shadey business practices.

  4. Paul says:

    Don’t be a scringe. $19 is on the cheap side.

    It’s made from one piece of steel so it won’t come loose from the handle. The handle’s really good too.
    I think this comes with a lifetime warranty too. I sell them but I’d never personally buy one since the quality is for people using them all the time, which is pretty much the same for all Estwing stuff – for professionals.

  5. Betty Parker says:

    Where to buy this Hatchet ??

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