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Our ability to use tools is one of humanity’s defining characteristics.  For as long as we’ve been around, tools have made our work easier and helped us accomplish tasks we never could’ve done without them.  Recently scientists in Malaysia discovered some very old tools indeed — 1.8 million years old, give or take a few.

Malaysian archaeologists have announced the discovery of stone tools they believe are … the earliest evidence of human ancestors in Southeast Asia.

The stone hand-axes were discovered last year in the historical site of Lenggong in northern Perak state, embedded in a type of rock formed by meteorites which was sent to a Japanese lab to be dated.

“We received news from Japan two weeks ago which said it is 1.83 million years old, so this find shows the existence of human beings there 1.83 million years ago,” archaeology team leader Mokhtar Saidin told AFP.

We feel proud that these ancient folks left their legacy in the form of tools.  It makes me wonder if someone’s going to be digging up my 1/2”-drive breaker bar two million years from now.

Malaysian scientists find stone tools ‘oldest in Southeast Asia’ [AFP Full Article]


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