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I first saw these gloves during the NASCAR pit crew races a few weeks ago.  A newscaster was interviewing one of the tire-changers who was wearing these gloves that looked like they could win a fight with a meat grinder.  Even if they never face that challenge, the gloves certainly gave the pit crew member the cool-factor during the interview.

The first thing that caught my eye was the hard-shell molded knuckle that looks like something from a death-fight match. These gloves sport the same tear-resistant materials, leather wear areas, and rubber plating as the standard M-Pact gloves. They also feature a hook-and-loop wrist fastener and a full gauntlet cuff to protect your forearm.

The Mechanix Wear M-Pact T/C Gloves sell for about $55 a set.

M-Pact T/C Gloves [Mechanix Wear]
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5 Responses to M-Pact T/C Gloves

  1. jeff says:

    These look like the gloves I wear on my motorcycle (supermoto).

  2. Mike47 says:

    My take on these “designer” gloves is they may lead to complacency. They look like they might provide way more protection than they actually do, and thus someone wearing them might be inclined to put their hand where they shouldn’t under any circumstances. Obviously, some uses make more sense than others, and if danger is present anyway, they make more sense than no glove at all.

  3. windycity says:

    “I love the Power Glove. It’s so bad!”

  4. cristian says:

    hello, where I can find this model gloves? (which store?) is very hard to find discontinued


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