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Attention, gun buffs:  The Sampson Field Survivor contains all the basic tools you need to service your AR15 or M16 rifle, in a package that fits in the standard pistol-grip opening.

Packed with basic cleaning tools, case extractors, hooks, scrapers, adjustment tools, and gauges, the Field Survivor locks into place in the pistol grip by twisting the tool’s base.  You can get this multi-tool from Samson for about $119.

Field Survivor [Sampson]


7 Responses to Samson Field Survivor

  1. blore40 says:

    Transforming robo-bird

  2. heywood j says:

    I looked at the picture and according to my eyesight it’s Samson…checked the link and yep, it’s Samson; not Sampson. You notice these things when Samson is your middle name 😉

  3. My apologies to all Samsons and Sampsons out there.

  4. american lockpicker says:

    Does anyone know if its American made?

  5. apotheosis says:

    That. Is. Awesome.

    I can’t get to the site from work so it’s a tough call on build quality, but the packaging concept alone almost makes it worth a purchase.

  6. MKram says:

    WAAAY more dough than this is worth. Only thing I didn’t find at Sportsman’s Warehouse was the shell extractor – in any case if I had a round ka-boom in the chamber I’d want to do a little more than yank the case out. Save your money, spent $40 & get the same stuff elsewhere.

  7. Ben says:

    I own one of these and they are awesome, very well built. Its not a cheesy swiss army knife type tool. What isnt mentioned is that the base comes completely off and houses two extra firing pin retaining pins which are included!

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