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If you’re looking for a lift, the MaxJax two-post auto lift looks like an economical and space-saving option.  It can lift 6,000 pounds up to 45” in the air in about 30 seconds using regular household voltage of 110 or 120 volts — and when you’re finished with it, you can store the MaxJax in a space a little larger than a standard tool chest.

You install permanent anchors into your shop floor;  then when you’re ready to use the lift, roll the wheeled posts into place and attach the four arms and the pump unit.

The MaxJax seems like a bargain at about $2,200 — it should be available in March 2009.

MaxJax [Corporate Site]


10 Responses to MaxJax Auto Lift

  1. BigEdJr says:

    I want one! That is just cool. I’m talking about the car on the lift…of course the lift is pretty nice too.

  2. Joe Birmingham says:

    You know a product is good when it has “Customer Testimonials” a couple of months before the product is even released to customers.

  3. Shopmonger says:

    This looks like the best soace saving option I have seen

  4. Mike47 says:

    Yeah, Shopmonger, lookit all the storage space you got now under the car!

  5. PutnamEco says:

    45″ lift height, my back and knees hurt just thinking of working under that.

  6. Brau says:

    From the site: “5/8″ Wej-It Drop in Anchor, installed in 3000psi concrete per manufacturer’s instructions.”

    My only concern is that this prerequisite isn’t going to be followed exactly by the typical buyer who is attracted to a low price lift. The stability of this lift is wholly dependent on the strength of the concrete and it could be much safer if the base was even a foot wider. Something tells me this outfit will get sued when Joe Handyman’s wife takes them to court because her lazy hubby installed it on a 3″ standard concrete pad. And she’ll win, of course.

    Wish these were around when I was working on my sports cars though. I would have bought one for sure.

  7. ambush says:

    I’d rather use a jack.(and stands of course) or a used lift, or spend around 5-15 on something remotely resembling anything decent.

  8. tr3x86 says:

    Seems like a perfect application for garages with low-ceiling heights. If you have the room and want a permanent lift, then purchase a full-size. That simple.

    Good luck with the jack stands. I’d take this lift over working on the cold, dirty, wet floor any day.

  9. kyle says:

    I would’nt want that lift because of it’s low lift height

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