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Striker designed their new folding multi-blade to help drywall guys perform the normal steps for slicing up drywall without grabbing extra tools.  Striker thinks it’ll save some time on the jobsite — we’re not sure, but it certainly looks cool.

In addition to the razor blade mounted out front, the multi-blade features a hardened steel file built into the side of the blade housing — this lets the operator clean up rough edges or square up holes after cutting without having to pull out a file or rasp. With the notching saw built into the bottom of the blade housing you can clean knocked-out corners, and a striking cap on the back of the handle helps you knock out cut pieces of drywall.

We like the idea anyway, and the file/rasp does look pretty handy. We’re going to get our hands on one soon to see how it works.

Street pricing starts at around $14.

Striker [Corporate Site]
Street Pricing [Google]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


2 Responses to Striker Drywall Tool

  1. Dave says:

    Wonder if it will be as usefull as their little fridge lights?

  2. Bob The Drywall Guy says:

    I would check that out if I saw it in a store. I like that combination of tools, and hope the rasp works well. The only problem it might have is being too chunky. if it’s uncomfortably big, it won’t cut well with the measuring tape. Stanley’s Fatmax, Fatmax “Extreme” tools are like that. Too bloody big to use comfortably.

    Their mechanical carpenters pencil look nice, I’ve had a mastercraft one for about 4 years now (one pencil, 4 years, daily use, crazy I know)

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