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With this Craftsman Master Rethreader Set you can easily recondition those dirty, gummed, nicked, and just-plain-nasty old fasteners. The rethreader works slowly down the threads and cleans them, and it’ll also help correct those crossed threads, but it won’t cut new threads — you’ll need a regular cutting tap and die set for that.

The set contains the most popular sizes of National Coarse, National Fine, and Metric rethreading taps and dies as well as standard and metric rethreading files. A guide sheet lists all the items in your set, and it all fits inside a blow-molded case. I own one of these sets and it’s great for cleaning up old fasteners before reuse, especially the ones with old thread-lock or sealant on them.

The Craftsman Master Rethreader Set sells for about $50.

Craftsman Master Rethreader Set [Sears]
Street Pricing [Google]
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9 Responses to Craftsman Master Rethreader Set

  1. John says:


    I shelled out for a set from Snap-On when I worked for a garage — good thing the guy stopped in the very same day I dinged up some wheel studs on a customer’s car. That set eventually grew legs, but I found exactly the same set at Sears.

    It has paid for itself many times over, not just in hardware (and major parts) saved, but in headaches and crises averted. It has also become the no-brainer gift idea for anyone who owns a wrench set.

    It comes with me to the track and sits next to me any time I work on the car. Habitually cleaning grit and gunk out of threads also prevents (or at least delays) stripping threads when you reassemble things.

  2. KMR says:

    I agree, hot hot hot.

    I’ve seen too many people use taps for cleaning, which is just wrong as you’re likely removing a little bit of material and making the thread a looser fit. Taps / Dies make new threads, chasers are for use on existing threads.

  3. laz says:

    This is a great set. It makes me surprisingly happy to de-gunk the threads of fasteners before putting them back on the car.

    My only gripe with this set is the lack of some common bmw thread sizes. Most bmw fasteners x1.5, and the set doesn’t have x1.5 in the smaller sizes.

  4. Clark F says:

    Definetly NOT hot. Can you say snapped tap?

    I own the same Snap-on set, and have snapped quite a few. If you have a habit of destroying threads, shell out for the real deal, not snap at the slightest sign of trouble rethreads

  5. Bill says:

    I love my Craftsman thread chasing set (same one as pictured). It is actually the only one I could find that had M11x1.5 tap, as I need to clean some cylinder head bolt threads. I guess SnapOn probably has that one too but I searched for quite a while before finding the Craftsman set online. For some reason, the one stocked in the store is a different version (about the same price) but it didn’t have the tap I needed.

    How does one snap a tap while chasing threads? I could see one binding and breaking when cutting new threads, but for thread cleanup?????

    BTW, I think this set is made for Sears by Kastar.

  6. Coach James says:

    Sears sells two sets of these. One has 40 parts and the other has 48, I think. Both sets and the one sold by Snap On(for three times the price) are made by Kastar as Bill said.

    I don’t quite get Clark F’s post. Did you snap regular taps or thread chaser taps cleaning threads? And what are “real deal”?

  7. Coach James says:

    Good grief. I forgot. I have this set and it has worked fine. I’ve fixed threads on wheel studs, floor anchors, gym equipment and many other things with these.

  8. kyle says:

    thease could come in real handyand i will probly get one eventually but for now i get dirt out of threads by soaking them in oil and runing a knife in the threads and it works prety well

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