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For some folks the mere mention of a Super Bowl party is enough to whip them into a frenzy of epic proportions as they begin planning the ultimate shindig ever. Others just head to the local sports bar to down some beers with the guys and watch the game.

We’re curious:  Are y’all planning to set up badass BBQ rigs, beer coolers, or TV projection systems for the big game — or is the road to football happiness just paved with chips, dip, and a few rowdy friends?  Let us know in comments.

Also, if you’re building something crazy for the game, post up some pics to the forum.


3 Responses to Football-Crazy Tool Guys

  1. Chris C says:

    Usually it’s pizza, beer, and a big screen with a few friends. But this year, I’m waiting to get my own place (in the great housing market) so I’m saving up and waiting for the right buy to throw my own party next year.

    So I guess this year may be a few friends in my small apartment with my small TV.

  2. paganwonder says:

    Pizza, beer and the guys- the wives will supervise from the other room but they do provide excellent munchies and a sober driver to get us home. Win-win in the end.

  3. Coach James says:

    Never have been into the “sports bar” thing. I’ve been in three or four and the only difference between them and regular bars was the sports stuff on the walls and obnoxious, screaming drunks acting like they were the ones scoring the touchdowns. Maybe I just had bad luck on my visits.

    We may join a few friends to watch the game or I may just watch it from the comfort of my own living room.

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