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If you’re just a few feet short of the outlet, you don’t want to break out the 25ft extension cord.  This five-foot retractable extension cord from Zip-Linq might look a bit more attractive than 23 feet of coiled cord.

With a probable rating of 8-10 amps, this 18-gauge power cord may not carry enough juice to operate your table saw, but it still can come in handy for smaller tools and chargers.

Prices for the extension cord vary wildly from $10 to $25.

Retractable Extension Cord [Zip-Linq]
Street Pricing [Google]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


5 Responses to Short-Distance Retractable Extension Cord

  1. G says:

    If it uses the same coiling mechanism as the smaller versions of the USB or Ethernet retractable systems then I’m going to avoid this like the plague. Those things get jammed too easily. Even if you figure out the technique to work it, someone else will jam it later.

  2. ChrisW says:

    A 5 foot cord doesn’t need a winder.

  3. Kaden says:

    Yank the retractor mechanism out of an old rug sucker and recase it.

  4. I am ordering one as a new concept for our hair salon
    Chris W, says “a 5′ cords dont need retractable” , he hasn’t had the need to reach just a little bit further then your appliance’s wire

    I plan to wire in my blowdryers and adjust the distance so there is no sloppy wires needed at each station
    Keep you posted when i get mine

  5. John Banks says:

    I purchased one of these and was disappointed when I saw the product. The cord doesn’t carry enough power. Not only that, it broke within a week because of how cheap and badly designed it was. I reccomed not spending your money on this.

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