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Snow and ice dams can cause major headaches for homeowners. At least once every winter the news will show someone on their roof with a snowblower — neither Toolmonger nor the manufacturers recommend this.  Instead, you can clear that snow off your roof simply and safely with the Avalanche series of snow removal tools.

Avalanche offers snow removal tools in two varieties.  The “Original” and the “Drift Buster” work by pushing the tools from the bottom of the roof — the tool cuts the bottom layer of the snow, and then the snow slides down a plastic slide off of your roof. The two “SnowRake” versions work by pulling the snow. Most models feature rollers to protect your roof.

Street pricing starts at $40 and goes up to $130.

Avalanche! [Corporate Site]
Street Pricing [Google]
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3 Responses to Cause An Avalanche

  1. Jim Nutt says:

    Those of you in sunny climes have no idea the havoc ice dams can wreak. And the snow blower idea is oh so tempting when water is pouring through the ceiling via an ice dam caused leak. A snow rake or the like is much safer (and less likely to break through the roof). Another useful thing is the electric heating cables that drape over the eaves and prevent ice from building up to form a dam.

  2. Snork says:

    Toss a PLASTIC snow shovel with a rope tied to the handle onto the roof to pull down the snow. It takes a bit of time but works. Try have it land with the scoop side down.

  3. blindmodeler says:

    You mean explosives shouldn’t be used? Like getting some M80’s and pretending you are part of a alpine avalance prevention team. lol

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