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Ever wish that the wood you need for that new shed or deck would just, say, wash up on the beach? For those living on the coast of Kent (two hours south of London), that dream has come true. As you see in the CNN video report above, tons and tons of wood lost from a Russian cargo ship in the English channel has begun reaching shore — where it’s quickly loaded into vehicles by eager locals.

CNN says local law requires that everyone who scavenges the wood must fill out paperwork and wait a year before using the wood, but as you can see that doesn’t seem to phase those in need of project supplies. (And hell, it wouldn’t phase me, either.)

Here’s to some happy framing!


5 Responses to Brits Love Free Russian Wood

  1. pedants r us says:

    as you can see that doesn’t seem to phase those in need of project supplies.

    faze, not phase.


  2. Barri says:

    Im from the UK and can guarantee that not one bit of paper work will be filled out and not one piece of that will be returned to the onwer if he came looking. Good on them i say. Reminds me of when the BMW ship capsized and containers of cars and engines were being washed up and people were on the beach taking them lol

  3. thevince says:

    Hey, just curious.. How does one go about drying SALTY wet wood?

  4. paganwonder says:

    I’d use indirect hardwood smoke, low temperature for many hours. The flavor can’t be beat!

  5. kopi says:

    Knowing the english houses and their temperatures, most of that wood will be burned in their fireplaces… after drying for a while.

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