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Rather than resting on their laurels, it looks like Irwin has been as hard at work on new clamping products this year as they’ve ever been — they’re about to roll out the Irwin Quick-Grip XP600. The new clamp boasts increased clamping force, up to 600 lbs of it, for heavy-duty applications like installation, demolition, and rough glue-ups.

The new adjustable foot on the XP600 allows the clamp to rest upright on the work surface for gluing –- which seems like it’d be great for panel work and cabinetry.  Irwin says the full face pads distribute pressure evenly so less force is applied to a small area.  You can also remove the pads to activate the swivel jaw feature, which lets you clamp irregular surfaces while maintaining consistent pressure.

The new clamps are now available at the big boxes and two-step retail hardware stores as well as the usual online retailers in sizes from 6 to 50 inches long.  Depending on the length of the clamp, the MSRP will span from $20 to $45.

XP600 Clamp [Irwin]
Street Pricing [Google]


4 Responses to Irwin XP600 Clamp on Sale Now

  1. Shopmonger says:

    Nice, you can never have too many clamps… I love quick grip clamps,, if you really need to crank donw on somehting that tight , you may need to re-think your joint

  2. Ezra Moore says:

    Unfortunately these don’t seem to be available yet. Pity… I own a pair of the first incarnation from Irwin of the heavy-duty clamps and they are essential for my day to day. This version seems a marked improvement. The Irwin link is useless because they can’t name a single online retailer for this product and the other distributor sells only the 6″ without an accompanying picture. 18″ is my target.
    I hope these take off so I can get a pair…

  3. Nathan says:

    “…heavy-duty applications like installation, demolition, and rough glue-ups.”

    Demolition?? When do you use clamps in demolition?

  4. JetTech33 says:

    These clamps are incredible. High strength and easy to use alone in the shop (unlike some bar clamps) and as a spreader they’re very convenient and makes sure everything can be lined up square. EVERY shop should have a wide selection of these. Price makes them a bit prohibitive to own a wall full however.

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