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With no warning or explanation, toss one of these Striker ball lights to somebody and ask them what it is. We got quite a few entertaining answers right out of the box, everything from disco ball and mini-land mine to one horrified person who dropped it immediately and scolded us for tossing them a sex toy. It’s actually an LED light with magnets stuck all over it for providing light in odd places.

They seem to be designed for household use so we kept two of ’em around the house and office for a little while. They’re rather amusing, but they do have a small problem:  All it really takes to knock one of the magnets out of its socket is a moderate bump, which is normally followed by a small click as the loose magnet is sucked to one of the others still in place.

The light is bright, but after the third day of testing, when neither Striker would switch on anymore due to a rather dodgy on/off switch, we decided that Striker ball catch was much more entertaining.

After Striker ball catch came its brief career in the aftermarket auto industry. We were riding on 14’s and sporting that supafly Striker style.

With our testing complete our Striker light found a permanent place where its playful antics will forever be remembered and once a year it’ll give us a chuckle. Though it may not be the most hardcore light we’ve ever tested we can honestly say it gave us the most laughs.

Street pricing starts at $6.

Magnetic LED Light [Striker]
Street Pricing [Google]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


6 Responses to Hands-On: Striker Magnetic LED Light

  1. woodworker01 says:

    I got three of these “mines” for Christmas. They are fun to juggle on in the dark. Two live on the fridge holding up my to do lists. The magnets are pretty strong. And the other is in my glove box, just in case.

  2. Shopmonger says:

    Haa haa Throw them on a “jerk” that cut you off and see what happens then….

    They would freak out..

    I think this def gets to be religated to gimick with Bob vilas talking tape measure

  3. BigEdJr says:

    Ha Ha Ha!!! Makes you wonder what other “toys” that person uses that made them think it was a sex toy…

  4. Jim K. says:

    So wait, it’s NOT a sex toy?!

  5. Whoooopa says:

    Unless you’ve still got that metal plate in your crotch from ‘Nam, no, it’s not a sex toy.

    Otherwise you could swallow… heh heh, a whole bunch of iron shavings.

  6. FB says:

    This thing totally looks like a Roller Mine from Half Life.

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