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Do you stay awake at night while you’re on vacation wondering if your pipes are freezing or if your freezer full of beef is still frozen?  If you had the FreezeAlarm from Control Products you might sleep more soundly.

Connect the Deluxe FreezeAlarm to your home phone line and it can call up to three telephone numbers and give a voice warning if the temperature is too high or low, if the power has failed, or if its own backup power is failing.  If you’re curious you can always call the FreezeAlarm and it’ll tell you the state of those three things.

You can also add auxiliary sensors such as water or motion sensors, configure it to adjust the thermostat over the phone, and personalize it by recording your own alarm and greeting messages.  To prevent unauthorized people from calling your house and accessing the FreezeAlarm, you can set your own security code.

The FreezeAlarm retails for $350 but you can find it for $280.  An AC adapter is included but you’ll have to supply your own 9V backup battery.

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One Response to FreezeAlarm Calls You When It’s Too Cold

  1. Shopmonger says:

    Great for that hunting lodge, or your winter home….

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