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Whenever I see an outlined pegboard I can’t help but think back to my school days in shop class. All the tools were outlined in white like a crime scene. To be fair, most of the stuff we were doing with them was probably a crime in some states.

Reader Simple Simon snapped this picture of his pegboard outlines going up, and it brings up mixed emotions for me.  As a freshman I spent a lot of time volunteering in the shop-class tool room. It was a steep learning curve because the upperclassmen would ask for ka-neuter valves and the obligatory snipe wrench and then swear I was too stupid to locate them.

My only revenge was when an outlined tool was missing;  someone checked something out and didn’t bring it back or left it at their station. All one had to do was go down the list and find who didn’t check an item back in.

To this person went the ultimate shame — they would spend the next day sweeping the shop under the watchful gaze of our taskmaster who was utterly merciless. It was rather like putting someone in stocks and throwing fruit at them. If you had trash of any kind you threw it on the floor. Grinding was also very popular when someone was on broom duty because the sweeper had to clean it up for you.

Good times.

Toolmonger Photo Pool [Flickr]


11 Responses to Outlined Pegboard Tools

  1. Jim German says:

    I thought about doing this, but decided against it, as it makes it difficult to rearrange things when you get more tools. Of course I do have the problem now that I can’t remember where everything goes, nor do I know whats missing, so I don’t know if itw as the best idea.

  2. Matt says:

    In the interest of future reconfigurabilitization (you know, UPGRADES) maybe just snap a picture and display it (PROUDLY) next to the pegboard. Rearrange take new photo. That outlining stuff would take me a day and then I’d want to change it. Besides, unless you have steady hands, it will look like crap.

  3. Bill says:

    Well, for starters, although I still use it, I’ve come to the conclusion that pegboard often looks like a better solution than it really is. I guess the outlines work pretty well where tools are checked out, but honestly, in your own shop, don’t you pretty well know what goes where?

  4. Gary says:

    My wife wants me to do it so she can find things. She also wants me to label every screw bin. I’ve been avoiding it so far…

  5. BC says:

    Most of my tools never make it back to the pegboard, so I prefer my shop not looking like the sawzall or nail gun got pissed at my level and went on a rampage.

  6. Joe Birmingham says:

    Outlined tools are a must for an environment in which tools are shared with multiple users. It prevents theft and it allows everyone to find to tool quickly. I think it is a waste of time for a home shop. I also like to have my stuff put away so that passers by can’t see my horde.

  7. Joe says:

    I’m pretty much a pegboard hater, ‘cuz it’s too limiting. I prefer half-inch plywood with drywall screws of varying lengths for hanging things. You can do the wrenches and regular stuff the standard way, but there’s always spaces left to fit things in at an angle or you can put the screws wherever you need to if you have something odd shaped.

    As far as outling goes, I can’t see the need in a home shop–if you don’t know where your own stuff goes, you have bigger problems. Now, where your stuff is, that’s a whole ‘nother story!

  8. Pete D. says:

    Outlining tools is a way of idiot-proofing a shop. If you do that at home, what does it say?

  9. river1 says:

    outlining tools is definitely over ANALyzing a problem

    later jim

  10. Brau says:

    Tried pegboard once, hated it. Outlining is valuable for shops where more than one share the tools, and very good for Dad to see if the kids have removed anything. Other than that it’s pretty pointless unless you have Alzheimer’s … at which point you may forget you own tools at all and just wonder who the hell scribbled on your walls.

  11. Simple Simon says:

    This is Simon (I took the picture) – I HATE pegboard and especially outlined tools on a pegboard – this is a sarcastic picture as noted in my Flickr tags.

    This was a sketch comedy set about the fact that your really only need one tool to fix any problem.

    Simple Simon

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