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Take a look at this, proof that Toolmongers the world over trust their tools. These guys are getting it done with what they’ve got — and whoever’s working the Cat either knows his stuff inside and out or is destined to have some problems with his hydraulics sometime very soon.

It may seem wrong, but if they have to move the rock I don’t see anything else around there big enough to get it done, so who’s to say what’s the right or wrong way.  In any event it’s sweet to see it lift its own rear end.

Amazing Caterpillar [YouTube]


5 Responses to It’s Just Cool: Cat Pull-Ups

  1. colete says:

    here’s another:

    Blog: weapons of trash construction
    Post: chad moves 20 tons – by himself!

    Link: http://www.chadfab.com/2008/08/xoxococo-202.html

  2. windycity says:

    Look at that front tire deform! That would be a big boom!

  3. JB says:

    Gee boss. I got no idea why the $30000+ lift arm are cracked and all the lift hydraulics need to be replaced. I would have fired the operator for stupidity.

  4. TJ says:

    I’d say the operator was more lucky than skillful. Allowing for the idea that it was the only piece of equipment available to move the boulder out of the way, it was still improper operation.

    In order to move an item heavier than your equipment, one uses the idea of the lever. the operator should have been prying the boulder using the crowd on the bucket, not attempting to roll the boulder by lifting the bucket.

    in that manner, he’d be able to apply a forward vector once the boulder shifted, and may have been able to move it in a single attempt.

  5. Dustbuster says:

    Nope, wrong way. Leaving aside the damage to the equipment, that’s just dangerous. There are a few places where the equipment could have failed unexpectedly (tires, hydraulics, pivot pins) and put the operator in danger of serious injury. As someone who has worked in the mining industry and seen some nasty results from plain old accidents (we had one poor guy die from changing a haul truck tire), this kind of intentional recklessness is not cool.

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