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HermansCentral.com is selling this 7/32″-40tpi die for $15.43.  Ok, I know most people aren’t going to need this die, but I thought I’d mention it in case anyone has experience buying from HermansCentral.com, as we’d never heard of them. The die in question is a specialized thread size used in gunsmithing, and the only other price we could find, from a well known gunsmithing supply house, was $75.  Neither McMasterCarr nor MSC had that die in stock.

7/32″-40 Die [HermansCentral.com]
Street Pricing [Google]


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  1. fred says:

    We’ve bought from Herams in the past. They carry a wide selection of Drill America Twist Drill bits in large sizes. I think that they may be located on Long Island NY – so NY adresses will pay sales tax.

    This tap looks like a Whitworth Standard – so maybe a Bristh firm would have a larger selection.

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