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How many times have you taken a ride on that trusty old creeper only to get hung up on a cord, some gravel, or a grate? The Bone series of creepers will handle these obstacles and many more.

The Bone creepers come in three models. The smallest, the Bone-Ster, rolls on 3” high wheels. The next model is The Bone creeper with 5-1/8” high wheels. The Bone is also the lowest creeper on the market with a 1-3/4” ground clearance. Both the Bone-Ster and the Bone have a 300lb. load capacity. The last model is the Rough Rider — as the name suggests, it’s made for all-terrain action. The Rough Rider features 5-1/8” high wheels, a 400lb. load capacity, and the widest casters.

Made in the USA, the Bone creepers come with a one-year warranty on the body for defects and lifetime warranty for the wheels. The company also sells accessories and “Ride the Bone” t-shirts which Toolmongers might like.

The smaller models start at about $65, and the larger models go for about $200.

Bone Creeper [Corporate Site]
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Via Amazon [What’s This?]


4 Responses to Take A Ride On The Bone

  1. Clark F says:

    Hate it, thoroughly. In my experience, they’re just too big. If you want to spend extra money on a creeper, go with an adjustable head.

  2. toolaremia says:

    I looked at these when I was looking for a high-quality creeper for my broken-floor garage. Unfortunately, the lack of padding makes them a bit uncomfortable, and the covers over the larger wheels limits their mobility.

    I went with the R.E.L. King Crawler for about $95. Highly maneuverable, very comfortable, and comes with a brake to hold it in place. They really did a nice job. Toolmonger ought to do an article on it.

  3. Abe says:

    Another vote for the king crawler. It works awesome and the brake comes in more handy than anyone can imagine.

  4. Sprog says:

    You know that the King Crawler is essentially a knockoff of the Bone, right? It’s also imported. The Bone is all American, read their website! I have one and wouldn’t part with it!

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